Babmaes Mews S.W.1 Babmaes Street
Back Alley E.3 Botolph Passage
Back Alley S.E.15 Rye Passage
Back Lane S.E.10 Morden Lane
Back Lane S.E.15 Drover Lane
Back Lane S.E.18 Dairy Lane
Back Lane S.E.9 Philipot Path
Baker Street E.1 Damien Street
Baker Street E.2 Bacton Street
Baker Street S.W.9 Blackwell Street
Baker Street W.C.1 Lloyd Baker Street
Balchier Road (S. part) S.E.22 Rye Dale #
Ball Court E.C.1 Alders Court
Bank Buildings S.W.7 Gloucester Road #
Barnfield Road S.E.19 Bristow Road
Bartletts Buildings E.C.2 Bartletts Place
Bartley Street S.W.2 Bartley Road
Barton Street W.14 Barton Road
Basing Place S.E.15 Basing Court
Basing Road W.11 Basing Street
Bath Court E.C.1 Baynes Court
Bath Place N.W.1 Bath Row #
Bath Place S.E.23 Beechen Place
Bath Place S.E.3 Wemyss Place
Bath Street E.1 Darling Row #
Bath Street S.E.1 Conquest Street
Batson Street E.14 Bate Street
Bayswater Hill W.2 Bayswater Road #
Bayswater Terrace W.2 Bayswater Road #
Beaconsfield Road S.W.6 Beaconsfield Walk
Beaumont Road W.14 Beaumont Avenue
Beaumont Street E.1 Beaumont Grove
Beckenham Hill (Bromley) S.E.6 Beckenham Hill Road
Beckenham Lane S.E.6 Beckenham Hill Road
Bedford Court S.W.9 Fenwick Court
Bedford Street E.1 Cavell Street
Bedford Terrace S.W.3 Hemus Place
Beech Street S.W.8 Banks Street
Belgrave Road N.W.8 Belgrave Gardens
Belgrave Street W.C.1 Belgrove Street
Belgrave Terrace E.8 Angrave Terrace
Bell Court E.C.1 Brooke's Court #
Bell Yard E.C.1 Edison Square
Belmont Road S.E.13 Lockmead Road
Bendall Street N.W.1 Bell Street #
Bendmore Road S.E.18 Bendmore Avenue
Bennett Street W.1 Rathbone Street
Bentinck Street S.W.1 Hatherley Street
Beresford Street S.E.5 John Ruskin Street
Berkley Street E.C.1 Briset Street
Berkley Street S.W.11 Wilditch Street
Berwick Street S.W.1 Guildhouse Street
Birdcage Walk N.16 Windus Walk
Birkbeck Road S.E.21 Birkbeck Hill
Bishop's Mews S.W.6 Coomer Mews
Bishops Road E.2 Bishops Way
Bishops Road W.2 Bishops Bridge Road
Black Horse Yard W.1 Evelyn Yard
Black Lion Court W.1 Blore Court
Blake Road S.W.6 Blake Gardens
Blenheim Street S.W.3 Astell Street
Blind Lane S.E.18 Camdale Road
Blomfield Street W.2 Blomfield Villas
Bloomfield Road E.3 Bede Road
Bloomsbury Street E.14 Hilditch Street
Blue Anchor Lane S.E.15 Mission Place
Bolingbroke Road S.W.11 Bolingbroke Walk
Bolton Mews W.11 Portobello Place
Bolton Road W.11 Portobello Street
Bond Street S.W.8 Bondway
Bonneville Road S.W.4 Bonneville Gardens
Boston Street N.W.1 Taunton Place
Boundary Mews W.11 Powis Mews
Boundary Road W.11 Swanscombe Road
Bourdon Street W.1 Bourdon Place
Bouverie Street W.2 Bouverie Place
Bow Lane E.14 Bazely Street
Brampton Road E.9 Bramshaw Road
Brand Street N.W.1 Lascelles Street
Brandon Road S.W.2 Bartley Road
Brewer Street E.C.1 Paget Street
Brewer Street S.W.1 Allington Street
Brewer Street North. E.C.1 Friend Street
Brewers Lane W.C.2 Hungerford Lane
Brewer's Yard N.1 Collin's Yard
Brewer's Yard N.W.3 Carlisle Yard
Brewhouse Lane S.E.10 Brewhouse End
Brewhouse Lane S.W.15 Brewhouse Street
Bridge Road E.14 Westferry Road #
Bridge Road N.W.1 Bridge Approach
Bridge Street E.1 & E.3 Solebay Street
Bridge Street E.9 Ponsford Street
Bridge Street S.E.10 Creek Road
Bridgewater Street N.W.1 Bridgeway Street
Brighton Terrace S.W.8 Patcham Terrace
Brind Terrace S.W.6 Regault Road #
Broad Street E.1 Highway, The
Broad Street W.1 Broadwick Street
Broad Street W.C.2 High Holborn #
Broad Yard N.1 Quick Place
Broadway W.6 Hammersmith Broadway
Broadway, Deptford S.E.8 Deptford Broadway
Broadway, The E.8 Broadway Market
Broadway, The, Walham Grn. S.W.6 Fulham Broadway
Brokers Alley W.C.2 Shelton Street
Bromley Street E.14 Brushwood Street
Brook Street E.1 Cable Street #
Brook Street S.E.11 Brook Drive
Brooklands Road S.E.3 Brooklands Park
Broomhouse Road (S. part) S.W.6 Broomhouse Lane
Brown Street W.1 Brown Hart Gardens
Brownspring Road S.E.9 Brownspring Drive
Brunswick Mews W.11 Westbourne Grove Mews
Brunswick Place E.1 Bardsey Place
Brunswick Road N.19 Macdonald Road
Brunswick Road S.E.5 Brunswick Villas
Brunswick Square (E. part) S.E.5 Saint Giles Road
Brunswick Square (S. part) S.E.5 Brunswick Park
Brunswick Square (W. part) S.E.5 Benhill Road #
Brunswick Street E.1 Brunchild Street
Brunswick Street E.14 Blackwall Way
Brunswick Street E.9 Cresset Road
Brunswick Street N.1 Reid Street
Buckingham Mews N.1 Railway Street #
Buckingham Mews W.11 Portobello Road #
Buckingham Street N.1 Boadicea Street
Buckingham Street S.W.1 Buckingham Place
Buckingham Street W.1 Greenwell Street
Buckingham Terrace W.11 Lonsdale Road #
Bull Court E.C.1 Memel Court
Bulstrode Mews W.1 Bulstrode Place
Burdett Street E.3 Purdy Street
Burgoyne Road E.3 Lanfranc Road
Burlington Road W.2 Saint Stephens Gardens
Burton Road S.E.17 Burton Grove
Bury Place N.W.1 Bell Street #
Bury Street W.C.1 Bury Place
Butcher Row S.E.8 Borthwick Street
Butler Street E.1 Brune Street
Buxton Street E.C.1 Hermit Street
Byron Street N.W.1 Elgood Street

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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