Cadogan Terrace S.W.1 Cadogan Gardens
Calverley Street E.1 Calverley Walk
Cambridge Circus E.2 Cambridge Crescent
Cambridge Place S.E.18 Cambridge Row and Review Place
Cambridge Place W.2 Norfolk Place
Cambridge Road S.E.12 Cambridge Drive
Cambridge Road W.6 Cambridge Grove
Cambridge Street E.2 Jersey Terrace
Cambridge Street N.W.1 Camley Street
Cambridge Street S.E.5 Lamerton Street
Cambridge Street W.2 Kendal Street
Cambridge Terrace W.2 Sussex Gardens #
Camden Gardens W.12 Shepherds Gardens
Camden Square S.E.15 Rosemary Gardens
Camden Street E.2 Ellsworth Street
Camden Street N.1 Camden Walk
Camden Street S.E.15 Gatonby Street
Campbell Road N.4 Whadcoat Street
Canal Bank S.E.1 Rodsley Place
Canal Bank S.E.8 Canal Approach
Canal Road N.1 Orsman Road
Canal Terrace N.W.1 Canal View
Cannon Place E.1 Maples Place
Canterbury Mews S.E.17 Penton Mews
Canterbury Road N.1 Wright Road
Canterbury Road S.E.1 Ilderton Road
Canterbury Terrace N.1 Kingsbury Terrace
Capener's Yard S.W.1 Capener's Close
Cardigan Street N.1 Bagford Street
Carey Street S.W.1 Rutherford Street
Carlisle Street E.2 Stenhouse Street
Carlisle Street N.W.1 & 8 Penfold Street
Carlton Mews W.9 Western Mews
Carlton Mews S.W.11 Battersea Br. Road #
Carlton Road E.1 Portelet Road
Carlton Road N.W.5 Grafton Road
Carlton Square S.E.14 Pomeroy Square
Carlton Street N.W.5 Carltoun Street
Caroline Place S.E.18 Carolina Place
Caroline Place S.W.3 Donne Place
Caroline Place W.6 Caroline Walk
Caroline Street E.5 Charnwood Street
Caroline Street N.W.1 Carol Street
Caroline Street S.W.1 Caroline Terrace
Caroline Street W.C.1 Adeline Place
Castlands Road (part) S.E.6 Burford Road #
Castlands Road (part) S.E.6 Winsford Road #
Castle Court E.1 Chess Court
Castle Place E.C.2 Epworth Place
Castle Street E.C.1 Saffron Street
Castle Street E.C.2 Epworth Street
Castle Street S.E.1 Thrale Street
Castle Street S.W.11 Shuttleworth Road
Castle Street W.C.2 Shelton Street
Catherine Street E.2 Winkley Street
Catherine Street S.E.11 Worgan Street
Catherine Street S.W.1 Catherine Place
Caxton Street E.3 Caxton Grove
Cedar Road S.W.6 Cedarne Road
Champion Park S.E.26 Champion Road
Chancellor Road S.E.21 Chancellor Grove
Chandos Street W.C.2 Chandos Place and William IV Street
Chapel Court N.16 Slindon Court
Chapel Court W.1 Tenison Court
Chapel Street E.1 Drant Street #
Chapel Street E.2 Arline Terrace
Chapel Street N.1 Chapel Market
Chapel Street S.E.18 Chapel Hill
Chapel Street S.W.10 Camera Place
Chapel Street S.W.9 Mowll Street
Chapel Street W.6 School Street
Chapel Street W.C.1 Rugby Street
Charles Place E.1 Glamis Place
Charles Street E.14 Scurr Street
Charles Street E.8 Martel Place
Charles Street E.C.1 Greville Street
Charles Street E.C.1 Greville Street #
Charles Street N.1 Yeate Street
Charles Street S.E.1 Nicholson Street
Charles Street S.W.7 Trevor Street
Charles Street W.11 Queensdale Place
Charles Street (part) N.W.1 Phoenix Road
Charles Street Holingsworth Street N.7 Corrall Road
Charlotte Mews W.C.1 Stedham Place
Charlotte Place N.1 Baron Close
Charlotte Place S.E.18 Erins Place
Charlotte Place S.E.27 Charlotte Vs.
Charlotte Place S.W.4 Charlotte Row
Charlotte Street E.2 Helston Street
Charlotte Street E.C.2 Charlotte Road
Charlotte Street N.1 Carnegie Street
Charlotte Street S.E.1 Rowcross Street
Charlotte Street S.E.18 Perrott Street
Charlotte Street S.W.3 Rysbrack Street
Charlton Street W.1 Hanson Street
Chartham Road S.W.27 Chartham Grove
Chatham Place S.E.17 Balfour Street
Chatham Street S.W.11 Dagnall Street
Chatsworth Road S.E.27 Chatsworth Way
Chelsea Grove S.W.10 Cavage Place
Cheney Street N.W.1 Cheney Road
Chesnut Road S.E.18 Chestnut Rise
Chester Cottages S.E.9 Merchland Cottages
Chester Mews N.W.1 Chester Terrace Mews
Chester Mews W.2 Clarendon Close
Chester Mews N. S.W.1 Chester Mews. #
Chester Place S.E.18 Chester Grove
Chester Place W.2 Strathearn Place
Chester Place Mews S.W.1 Chester Square Mews
Chester Street E.2 Burnham Street
Chester Street S.E.11 Chester Way
Chester Terrace W.6 Rowan Terrace
Chesterfield Street W.C.1 Crestfield Street
Chichester Street W.2 Kinnaird Street
Chislett Road N.W.6 Compayne Gardens #
Chiswell Street S.E.15 Hopewell Street
Christchurch Road N.W.3 Christchurch Hill
Christchurch Street S.E.10 Christchurch Way
Church Court E.1 Amos Court
Church Court W.8 Kensington Church Court
Church Lane N.1 Saint Marys Path
Church Lane N.W.3 Perrins Lane
Church Lane S.W.11 Sunbury Lane
Church Passage E.1 Nantes Passage
Church Passage N.1 Dagmar Passage
Church Passage S.E.1 Peter Hills Walk
Church Passage S.E.10 Saint Alfege Passage
Church Passage S.E.5 Churchyard Passage
Church Passage W.C.2 Saint Giles Passage
Church Path W.6 Lillie Walk
Church Place W.10 Saint John's Terrace #
Church Place Covent Garden. W.C.2 Inigo Place
Church Place, North Wharf Road W.2 Unwin Place
Church Road E.9 Barnabas Road
Church Road N.1 Northchurch Road
Church Road N.W.3 Tasker Road
Church Road S.W.11 Battersea Church Road
Church Road S.W.2 Saint Matthew's Road
Church Road W.6 Atwood Road
Church Row E.14 Newell Street
Church Row E.2 Saint Matthew's Row
Church Row E.C.1 Saint Lukes Row
Church Row S.W.6 Church Gate
Church Row W.C.2 Savoy Row
Church Street E.2 Redchurch Street
Church Street N.1 Gaskin Street
Church Street N.16 Stoke Newington Church Street
Church Street S.E.1 Roper Lane
Church Street S.E.10 Greenwich Church Street
Church Street S.E.13 Lee Church Street
Church Street S.E.18 Woolwich Church Street
Church Street S.E.5 Camberwell Church Street
Church Street S.W.3 Old Church Street
Church Street S.W.8 Ashmole Street
Church Street W.1 Romilly Street
Church Street W.8 Kensington Church Street
Church Street Deptford S.E.8 Deptford Church Street
Church Terrace S.E.18 Saint James's Villas
Church Walk N.W.3 Perrins Walk
Church Walk S.E.21 Low Cross Wood Lane
Church Walk S.W.18 Jews Row
Church Walk W.8 Kensington Church Walk
Churchill Road E.9 Churchill Walk
Circus Street W.1 Enford Street
Circus, The S.E.10 Gloucester Circus
Claremont Place E.1 Cherry Place
Claremont Street E.2 Claredale Street
Claremont Terrace S.E.17 Clare Terrace
Clarence Cottages S.W.9 Fenwick Cottages
Clarence Lane N.1 Clare Lane
Clarence Mews W.8 Old Court Place
Clarence Road N.W.1 Clarence Way
Clarence Road S.W.4 Clarence Avenue
Clarence Street E.1 Cranberry Street
Clarence Street E.C.1 Exchange Street
Clarence Street N.1 Burgh Street
Clarence Street S.E.16 Canon Beck Road
Clarence Street S.W.4 Clarence Walk
Clarence Terrace E.5 Clarence Close
Clarence Terrace E.8 Denne Terrace
Clarence Terrace N.16 Stoke Newington Church Street #
Clarence Yard N.7 Tollington Road #
Clarendon Road S.E.13 Clarendon Rise
Clarendon Road S.W.15 Clarendon Drive
Clarendon Square (E. side) N.W.1 Chalton Street #
Clarendon Square (N. side) N.W.1 Polygon Road
Clarendon Square (W. side) N.W.1 Werrington Street #
Clarendon Street N.W.1 Werrington Street #
Clarendon Street W.2 Clarendon Crescent
Clark Street E.C.1 Pardon Street
Clarks Mews W.C.2 Dyott Mews
Clark's Place E.3 Saint Stephens Road #
Clark's Place S.W.8 Clark's Passage
Clay Lane S.E.18 Erindale
Clements Lane W.C.2 Saint Clements Lane
Cleveland Square S.W.1 Cleveland Row
Cleveland Street E.1 Cleveland Way
Cleveland Street S.W.1 Cleveland Row #
Clifton Hill S.E.14 Clifton Rise
Clifton Place S.W.10 Cavage Place
Clifton Road N.W.1 Cliff Road
Clifton Road S.E.4 Avon Road
Clifton Road W.12 Clifton Avenue
Clifton Street S.W.8 Courland Street
Clifton Street W.11 Poynter Street
Clifton Villas N.W.1 Cliff Villas
Clissold Park Vs. N.16 Stoke Newington Church Street
Clovelly Gardens S.W.2 Upper Tulse Hill #
Clyde Street S.W.10 Redcliffe Place
Cobden Street S.E.15 Cobden Place
Coburg Place W.2 Bayswater Road #
Coleherne Court (Part) S.W.5 Old Brompton Road #
Coleman Street E.1 Coleman Close and Monza Place
Coleman Street N.1 Coleman Fields
Coleman's Buildings W.12 Askew Buildings
College Mews N.W.5 College Yard
College Place E.9 Christie Place
College Place S.W.3 Elystan Place
College Road N.W.3 Eton College Road
College Street E.3 College Terrace
College Street E.9 Priestley Street
College Street N.1 College Cross
College Street S.E.1 Jenkins Street
College Street S.W.15 Wadham Road
Collingwood Street S.E.1 Colombo Street
Collingwood Street S.E.18 Collingwood Place
Commercial Road S.E.15 Commercial Way
Commercial Road E., E.1 & E.14 Commercial Road
Compton Street N.1 Bingham Street
Compton Street W.C.1 Tavistock Place #
Conduit Street E.5 Rossendale Street
Connaught Square Mews W.2 Archery Close
Constitution Hill S.E.18 Constitution Rise
Cook's Cottages S.E.17 Kinglake Place
Coopers Mews S.E.1 Mawbey Place
Cooper's Row E.1 Minting Row
Cordelia Street E.3 Lear Street
Cork Street S.E.5 Bantry Street
Cornwall Gardens (part) S.W.7 Gloucester Road #
Cornwall Road E.2 Cornwall Avenue
Cornwall Road E.9 Redruth Road
Cornwall Road S.W.2 Part Blenheim Gardens part Crescent Lane #
Cornwall Street S.W.6 Rumbold Road
Cornwell Road S.E.15 Furley Road
Cottage Grove E.3 Rhondda Grove
Cottage Grove S.E.17 Penrose Grove
Cottage Place E.1 Adelina Grove #
Cottage Place S.W.3 Cottage Walk
Cottages, The E.14 Chivers Cottages
Cottenham Road N.19 Sussex Way
County Terrace Street S.E.1 County Street
Coventry Street E.1 & E.2 Coventry Road
Cowley Street E.1 Cowley Gardens
Cranbrook Road E.2 Cranbrook Terrace
Crawford Street S.E.5 Crawford Road
Creasy's Cottages S.W.2 Sulina Road #
Creek Street S.E.8 Creekside
Crescent Place E.2 Angela Street and Cuff Place
Crescent Place W.C.2 Burton Place
Crescent Street W.11 Becher Place
Cromwell Road N.19 Ireton Road
Cross Court N.1 Graham Court
Cross Court W.C.2 Crown Court #
Cross Keys Mews W.1 Cross Keys Close
Cross Road E.5 Rogate Road
Cross Road S.E.15 East Dulwich Road
Cross Street E.2 Bempton Street
Cross Street E.C.1 Saint Cross Street
Cross Street E.C.2 Lackington Street
Cross Street S.E.1 Creasy Street
Cross Street S.E.7 Eastmoor Place
Cross Street S.E.8 Gonson Street
Cross Street S.W.3 Stackhouse Street
Cross Street S.W.4 Cresset Street
Cross Street W.C.1 Swinton Place
Crown Court E.C.1 Charterhouse Street #
Crown Court E.C.2 Milton Court
Crown Court S.W.6 Chestnut Court
Crown Court Milton Street E.C.2 Milton Court
Crown Place S.W.11 Leitrim Passage
Crown Yard E.2 Crown Works
Culmore Road S.W.12 Culmore Cross
Cumberland Mews N.W.1 Cumberland Terrace Mews
Cumberland Street N.7 Ponder Street
Cumberland Street N.W.1 Nash Street
Cumberland Terrace W.C.1 Cumberland Gardens
Curzon Street N.1 Charmouth Street

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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