Lambeth Mews W.1 Clarges Mews
Lancaster Mews N.W.8 Saint Edmunds Close
Lancaster Place N.W.3 Lancaster Drive
Lancaster Road N.W.3 Lancaster Grove
Lancaster Road S.E.27 Lancaster Avenue
Landor Road W.12 Landor Walk
Langdon Road N.19 Bredgar Road
Langford Mews N.W.5 Allcroft Passage
Langford Mews N.W.8 Langford Close
Langton Avenue E.C.1 Langton Gate
Langton Road S.E.23 Langton Rise
Langton Street E.14 Langstone Street
Langton Street E.C.1 Langton Gate
Lansdown Road S.E.13 Belmont Park
Lansdowne Mews W.C.1 Ormond Mews
Lansdowne Place W.C.1 Lansdowne Terrace
Laurel Cottages S.W.18 Bush Cottages
Laverton Mews S.W.5 Laverton Place #
Lawfranc Road E.3 Lanfranc Road
Lawrence Street W.C.2 Lawrence Place
Lee Street S.E.18 Saint Margaret's Terrace
Leicester Place E.C.1 Herbal Place
Leicester Street E.14 Duthie Street
Leopold Street S.E.11 Leopold Walk
Lewisham Road N.W.5 Laurier Road
Lincoln Street E.3 Brokesley Street
Linton Street N.W.1 Penfold Place
Lion Street E.14 Farnfield Street
Litcham Street N.W.5 Athlone Street
Little Alie Street E.1 Alie Street
Little Ann Street E.1 Pace Place
Little Baltic Street E.C.1 Baltic Passage
Little Barlow Street W.1 Saint Vincent Street
Little Bath Street E.C.1 Eyre Saint Hill #
Little Bridge Street E.1 Solebay Place
Little Cadogan Place S.W.1 Cadogan Lane
Little Cambridge Place E.2 Dunloe Place
Little Camden Street N.W.1 Selous Street
Little Carlisle Street N.W.8 Whitehaven Street
Little Chapel Street W.1 Sheraton Street
Little Charles Place N.W.1 Charles Close
Little Clayton Street S.E.11 Pegasus Place
Little Cross Street N.1 Shillingford Street
Little Crown Court W.1 Tisbury Court
Little Dean Street W.1 Bourchier Street
Little Denmark Street W.C.2 Flitcroft Street
Little Drummond Street N.W.1 Crace Street
Little Duke Street S.E.1 Duchy Place
Little Durweston Street W.1 Durweston Street
Little Earl Street N.W.8 Miles Place
Little Earl Street W.C.2 Earlham Street
Little East Place S.E.11 Lollard Place
Little Ebury Street S.W.1 Cundy Street
Little Elm Place S.W.3 Lecky Street
Little Essex Street N.W.1 Tiptree Street
Little Exeter Street N.W.8 Whitehaven Street
Little Goodge Street W.1 Goodge Place
Little Gower Place W.C.1 Gower Court
Little Grays Inn Lane E.C.1 Mount Pleasant
Little Gray's Inn Lane E.C.1 Mt. Pleasant #
Little Grosvenor Mews W.1 Grosvenor Mews #
Little Grosvenor Street W.1 Broadbent Street
Little Grove Street N.W.8 Plympton Street
Little Halifax Street E.1 Tailworth Street
Little Harcourt Street W.1 Shillibeer Place
Little Hermitage Street E.1 Orton Street
Little Holloway Street E.1 Holloway Passage
Little Howland Street W.1 Cypress Place
Little Hunter Street S.E.1 Potier Street
Little James Street N.1 Tarlton Street
Little James Street W.C.1 Northington Street
Little King Street N.W.1 King's Terrace
Little Lant Street (part) S.E.1 Weller Street
Little Leonard Street E.C.2 Blackall Street
Little Lion Street W.C.2 Mercer Street #
Little Manor Street S.W.4 Prescott Place
Little Marlborough Place S.E.1 Penry Place
Little Mason Street S.E.17 Gavel Street
Little Northampton Street E.C.1 Little Street
Little Orford Street S.W.3 Rosemoor Street
Little Paris Street S.E.1 Paris Street
Little Pearl Street E.1 Jerome Street
Little Pierrepont Row N.1 Pierrepont Row
Little Pulteney Street W.1 Brewer Street #
Little Randolph Street N.W.1 Rousden Street
Little Saffron Hill E.C.1 Herbal Hill
Little Saint Andrew Street W.C.2 Monmouth Street
Little South Street S.E.5 Dalwood Place
Little Stamford Street S.W.6 Sandford Street
Little Stanhope Street W.1 Stanhope Row
Little Suffolk Street S.E.1 Sudrey Street
Little Surrey Street S.E.1 Davidge Street
Little Sussex Place W.2 Sussex Place #
Little Sutton Street E.C.1 Northburgh Street
Little Thames Street S.E.10 Clavell Street
Little Tongue Yard E.1 Tongue Court
Little Trafalgar Place S.E.17 Elba Place
Little Turner Street E.1 Rampart Street
Little Union Place E.1 Cressy Court
Little Union Place N.W.8 Golford Place
Little Welbeck Street W.1 Welbeck Way
Little Windmill Street S.E.1 Cons Street
Little Woodstock Mews W.1 Woodstock Mews
Liverpool Street N.1 Layton Road
Liverpool Street S.E.17 Liverpool Grove
Liverpool Street W.C.1 Birkenhead Street
Lloyds Place S.W.3 Brompton Place
Lodge Place N.W.8 Lodge Road #
Lombard Street E.1 Daplyn Street
Lombard Street S.E.1 Leigh Hunt Street
London Street E.2 Dunbridge Street
London Street N.1 Treaty Street
London Street (N part) E.14 Bekesbourne Street
London Street (S part) E.14 Spert Street
Long Lane S.E.2 Longleigh Lane
Lorne Gardens N.W.8 Lorne Close
Lorrimore Street S.E.17 Olney Road
Love Lane E.5 Downs Lane
Love Lane S.E.1 Fletcher Lane
Love Lane S.E.3 Heath Lane
Love Lane S.W.9 Stockwell Lane
Lower Ashby Street E.C.1 Wyclif Street
Lower Berkeley Street W.1 Fitzhardinge Street
Lower Bland Street S.E.1 Cardinal Bourne Street
Lower Charles Street E.C.1 Walmsley Street
Lower Conduit Mews W.2 Smallbrook Mews
Lower Fenton Street E.1 Mariner Street
Lower Harden Street S.E.18 Harden Street
Lower John Saint N.1 Bradlaugh Street
Lower Kennington Lane S.E.11 Kennington Lane
Lower North Street E.14 Saltwell Street
Lower Park Road S.E.15 Friary Road
Lower Parkfields S.W.15 Parkfields
Lower William Street N.W.8 Greenbury Street
Lowndes Mews S.W.1 Lowndes Close
Lumber Court W.C.2 Tower Court
Lyndhurst Road S.E.15 Lyndhurst Way

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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