Sadler's Buildings E.C.1 Fann Street #
Saint Albans Place S.W.1 Saint Albans Street
Saint Albans Road (E. part) W.8 Victoria Grove #
Saint Albans Road (W. part) W.8 Saint Alban's Grove
Saint Albans Road North W.8 Andsell Terrace
Saint Andrew's Road N.16 Saint Andrews Grove
Saint Andrews Street E.2 Saint Andrews Walk
Saint Andrews Street S.W.8 Saint Rule Street
Saint Ann's Road E.3 Midlothian Road
Saint Ann's Road S.W.18 Marcilly Road
Saint Ann's Road S.W.9 Southey Road
Saint Cross Street E.C.1 Cross Street
Saint Dunstans Road E.3 Timothy Road
Saint George Street E.1 Highway, The
Saint Georges Road N.W.1 Chalcot Road
Saint Georges Road N.W.6 Priory Terrace
Saint Georges Road S.E.15 Saint Georges Way
Saint Georges Square N.W.1 Chalcot Square
Saint James's Gardens N.W.5 Modbury Gardens
Saint James's Place E.C.2 Saint James's Approach
Saint James's Place W.11 Penzance Street
Saint James's Road E.2 Saint James's Avenue
Saint James's Road N.7 Mackenzie Road
Saint James's Road S.W.9 Saint James's Crescent
Saint James's Street N.1 Chantry Street
Saint James's Terrace W.11 Darnley Terrace
Saint James's Walk (part) E.C.1 Sekforde Street #
Saint Johns Gardens N.W.5 Baptist Gardens
Saint John's Mews S.W.11 Plough Mews
Saint Johns Road S.E.18 Saint Johns Terrace
Saint Johns Road S.E.8 Albyn Road
Saint Johns Road S.W.15 Saint Johns Avenue
Saint Johns Road S.W.9 Saint Johns Crescent
Saint John's Road N.1 Pitfield Street #
Saint Jude's Street E.2 Saint Jude's Road
Saint Lawrence Road W.10 Saint Lawrence Terrace
Saint Leonard Street S.W.1 Longmoore Street
Saint Lukes Road S.W.4 Saint Lukes Avenue
Saint Margarets Road S.E.18 Saint Margarets Grove
Saint Marks Road S.E.5 Hillingdon Street
Saint Mark's Road E.8 Saint Mark's Rise
Saint Mark's Road S.W.10 Billing Road
Saint Martins Place N.W.1 Saint Martins Close
Saint Mary Abbot's Terrace (part) W.8 Kensington High Street #
Saint Marys Road N.1 Saint Marys Grove
Saint Marys Square S.E.11 Saint Marys Gardens
Saint Marys Street S.E.11 Saint Marys Walk
Saint Nicholas Road S.W.17 Trinity Crescent
Saint Pauls Mews N.7 Saint Pauls Yard
Saint Paul's Mews S.E.17 Paul Mews
Saint Pauls Road N.W.1 Agar Grove
Saint Peter Street E.2 Saint Peters Avenue
Saint Peters Road N.1 Saint Peters Way
Saint Peters Road N.7 Chambers Road
Saint Peters Square E.2 Saint Peters Close
Saint Philip Street N.1 Saint Philips Way
Saint Stephen's Square S.E.1 Saint Stephen's Close
Saint Thomas's Road E.3 Apostle Road
Saint Thomas's Road E.9 Ainsworth Road
Saint Thomas's Road S.W.6 Saint Thomas's Way
Sale Street W.2 Sale Place
Salisbury Road E.8 Elrington Road
Salisbury Street E.3 Sarum Street
Salisbury Street N.1 Grange Street #
Salisbury Street S.E.16 Wilson Grove
Sampson's Gardens E.1 Sampson Street
Sarah Place S.E.18 Marybank
Satchwell Rents E.2 Satchwell Road
Saunders Road W.11 Saunders Grove
Saville Street W.1 Hanson Street
Seamore Place (part) W.1 Curzon Street #
Seaton Street N.W.1 Seaton Place
Sewell Road S.W.11 Chatfield Road
Seymour Place E.C.1 Seymour Close
Seymour Row N.W.1 Eversholt Row
Seymour Street N.W.1 Eversholt Street #
Seymour Street S.W.8 Driver Street
Shaftsbury Road W.14 Fenelon Place
Shaftsbury Road W.6 Ravenscourt Road
Shaftsbury Road E. W.6 Ravenscourt Place
Shakspeare Road N.16 Shakespeare Walk
Shepherd's Place S.E.11 Harold Place
Sherwood Park Road S.W.16 Sherwood Avenue
Sherwood Street E.3 Lawes Street
Ship Alley W.1 Flaxman Court #
Ship Lane S.E.11 Bishop's Terrace
Ship Yard W.1 Flaxman Court
Short Street N.1 Aske Street #
Short Street S.E.18 Short Place
Short Street S.E.18 Sunbury Street
Shrubbery Road S.E.13 Sundermead Road
Sidney Place E.C.1 Philip Place
Sidney Street E.2 Longman Street
Sidney Street E.9 Kenworthy Street
Sidney Street E.C.1 Wakley Street
Silver Street E.1 Apsley Street #
Silver Street N.W.3 Mount, The #
Silver Street S.E.16 Silver Walk
Silver Street W.C.1 Barter Street
Silver Street W.C.1 Barter Street #
Simpson Street S.W.8 Blean Street
Skinner Street S.W.1 Skinner Place #
Smarts Buildings W.C.2 Smarts Place
Smith Street E.1 Smithy Street
Smith Street E.C.1 Tompion Street
Smith Street S.E.5 Lucas Road
Smith's Cottages N.7 Alsen Cottages
Smith's Cottages S.E.13 Dunsley Place
Somers Place W.2 Somers Crescent
Somerset Street S.W.1 Handley Street
Somerset Street W.C.2 Savoy Way
South Crescent S.E.13 Bliss Crescent
South Grove E.3 Southern Grove
South Grove (part) N.6 Saint Michael's Grove
South Street E.C.2 Dominion Street
South Street E.C.2 Dominion Street
South Street N.1 Basire Street
South Street S.E.17 Dawes Street
South Street S.W.10 Billing Street
South Street W.6 Riverside Gardens
Southampton Street N.1 Calshot Street
Southampton Street S.E.5 Southampton Way
Southampton Street W.1 Conway Street
Southend Road S.E.9 Southend Crescent
Southwell Gardens (part) S.W.7 Gloucester Road #
Southwick Crescent W.2 Hyde Park Crescent
Spencer Road N.7 Caedmon Road
Spencer Road N.W.5 Spencer Rise
Spencer Street E.1 Brinsley Street
Spencer Street N.1 Shillingford Street
Spencer Street S.W.11 Searle Street
Spenser Road N.16 Spenser Grove
Spring Gardens S.W.15 Spring Passage
Spring Gardens S.W.8 Seaham Street
Spring Row N.W.5 Raglan Street #
Spring Street N.1 Braes Street
Stafford Road S.W.9 Wynne Terrace
Stafford Street S.E.15 Staffordshire Street
Stamford Place N.W.3 Stamford Close
Stamford Road S.W.6 Holmead Road
Stanhope Street W.2 Stanhope Terrace
Stanhope Terrace N.W.1 Parkway
Stanhope Terrace (part) W.2 Bayswater Road #
Stanley Road N.1 Burder Road
Stanley Road S.W.6 Michael Road
Star and Garter Yard E.1 Garter Yard
Star Court W.1 Greek Court
Star Place E.1 White's Gardens #
Station Approach S.E.15 Station Passage
Station Approach S.E.16 Priter Way
Station Buildings S.W.7 Gloucester Road #
Station Road S.E.22 Railway Rise
Station Road S.E.3 Station Crescent
Station Road S.E.6 Adenmore Road
Station Road S.W.9 Brixton Station Road
Station Road W.12 Starfield Road
Station Road Balham S.W.12 Balham Station Road
Station Terrace S.E.3 Station Crescent
Stephen's Mews N.1 Dormer Mews
Sterndale Road S.W.8 Condell Road
Stibbington Street N.W.1 Chalton Street #
Stone's Buildings S.E.11 Hocking Buildings
Stoney Lane S.E.1 Abbots Lane
Straightsmouth (N. part) S.E.10 Churchfields
Stratford Place N.1 Stortford Place
Streets Mews W.1 Rex Place
Suffolk Place N.W.1 Boyton Place
Suffolk Street E.14 Ellerman Street
Suffolk Street S.E.16 Suffolk Grove
Sugar Loaf Court E.1 Loaf Court
Sun Street S.E.1 Pope Street
Sun Street S.E.18 Sunbury Street
Surrey Place W.C.2 Surrey Steps
Sussex Place S.W.7 Old Brompton Road #
Sussex Road N.7 Sussex Way
Sutherland Place S.E.17 Macleod Street
Sutherland Street S.E.17 Sutherland Walk
Sutton Place W.1 Falconberg Mews
Sutton Street W.1 Sutton Row
Swan Lane S.E.16 Swan Road
Swan Yard E.8 London Lane #
Sydenham Hill Road S.E.26 Kirkdale #

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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