Babmaes Street S.W.1 Babmaes Mews
Babmaes Street S.W.1 Wells Street
Bacon Grove S.E.1 Woodlands Place
Bacton Street E.2 Baker Street
Badric Road S.W.11 Urswicke Road
Bagford Street N.1 Cardigan Street
Balfe Street N.1 Albion Street
Balfour Street S.E.17 Chatham Place
Balfour Street S.E.17 Munton Road (E. part)
Balham Station Road S.W.12 Station Road Balham
Baltic Passage E.C.1 Little Baltic Street
Bancroft Road E.1 Devonshire Street
Banks Street S.W.8 Beech Street
Bantry Street S.E.5 Cork Street
Baptist Gardens N.W.5 Saint Johns Gardens
Bard Road W.10 Wharf Road
Bardsey Place E.1 Brunswick Place
Barlow Cottages S.E.17 Wood's Cottages
Barnabas Road E.9 Church Road
Baron Close N.1 Charlotte Place
Barter Street W.C.1 Silver Street
Barter Street # W.C.1 Silver Street
Bartholomew Street S.E.1 Warner Street
Bartletts Place E.C.2 Bartletts Buildings
Bartley Road S.W.2 Bartley Street
Bartley Road S.W.2 Brandon Road
Barton Road W.14 Barton Street
Basing Court S.E.15 Basing Place
Basing Street W.11 Basing Road
Basire Street N.1 South Street
Batchelor Street N.1 Trinity Street
Bate Street E.14 Batson Street
Bath Row # N.W.1 Bath Place
Batten Street S.W.11 Pearson Street
Battersea Br. Road # S.W.11 Carlton Mews
Battersea Church Road S.W.11 Church Road
Battishill Street N.1 Hardinge Street
Baylis Road S.E.1 Oakley Street
Baynes Court E.C.1 Bath Court
Baynes Street N.W.1 Prebend Street
Bayswater Road # W.2 Bayswater Hill
Bayswater Road # W.2 Bayswater Terrace
Bayswater Road # W.2 Coburg Place
Bayswater Road # W.2 Marlborough Gate
Bayswater Road # W.2 Stanhope Terrace (part)
Bazely Street E.14 Bow Lane
Beaconsfield Walk S.W.6 Beaconsfield Road
Beatty Road N.16 Gordon Road
Beatty Street N.W.1 Nelson Street
Beaumont Avenue W.14 Beaumont Road
Beaumont Grove E.1 Beaumont Street
Beaumont Grove E.1 Dudley Terrace
Becher Place W.11 Crescent Street
Beckenham Hill Road S.E.6 Beckenham Hill (Bromley)
Beckenham Hill Road S.E.6 Beckenham Lane
Bective Place S.W.15 Herbert Road
Bede Road E.3 Bloomfield Road
Bedford Way W.C.1 Upper Bedford Place
Beechen Place S.E.23 Bath Place
Bekesbourne Street E.14 London Street (N part)
Belfort Road S.E.15 Wellington Road
Belgrave Gardens N.W.8 Belgrave Road
Belgrove Street W.C.1 Belgrave Street
Bell Green Lane S.E.26 Kent House Lane
Bell Street # N.W.1 Bendall Street
Bell Street # N.W.1 Bury Place
Belmont Park S.E.13 Lansdown Road
Belmore Place S.W.8 Milton Place
Bempton Street E.2 Cross Street
Bendall Mews N.W.1 Grove Mews
Bendmore Avenue S.E.18 Bendmore Road
Benhill Road S.E.5 Acorn Street
Benhill Road # S.E.5 Brunswick Square (W. part)
Berriman Road N.7 Russell Road
Berry Place E.C.1 Mulberry Place
Besson Cott. S.E.14 Mason's Court
Bethwin Cottages S.E.5 Avenue Cottages
Bethwin Road S.E.5 Avenue Road
Betton Place E.2 Elizabeth Place
Bicknell Road S.E.5 Anstey Road
Biggerstaff Street N.4 Paddington Street
Bigland Place E.1 Mary Street
Billing Place S.W.10 North Street
Billing Road S.W.10 Saint Mark's Road
Billing Street S.W.10 South Street
Bingham Street N.1 Compton Street
Birkbeck Hill S.E.21 Birkbeck Road
Birkenhead Street W.C.1 Liverpool Street
Birkin Street S.W.8 Richmond Place
Bishop Street N.1 Dean Street
Bishops Bridge Road W.2 Bishops Road
Bishop's Terrace S.E.11 Ship Lane
Bishops Way E.2 Bishops Road
Blackall Street E.C.2 Little Leonard Street
Blackpool Road S.E.15 Russell Road
Blackwall Way E.14 Brunswick Street
Blackwell Street S.W.9 Baker Street
Blake Gardens S.W.6 Blake Road
Blanchard Place E.8 New Street
Blandford Place W.1 Kings Place
Blandford Street # W.1 King Street
Blean Street S.W.8 Simpson Street
Blenkarne Road S.W.11 Nightingale Park Crescent
Bletchley Street N.1 Trinity Place
Bliss Crescent S.E.13 South Crescent
Blomfield Villas W.2 Blomfield Street
Bloomsbury Way W.C.1 Hart Street
Blore Court W.1 Black Lion Court
Boadicea Street N.1 Buckingham Street
Bocking Street E.8 Essex Street
Boldero Street N.W.8 Duke Street
Boleyn Cottages E.16 Elizabeth Cottages
Bolingbroke Walk S.W.11 Bolingbroke Road
Bondway S.W.8 Bond Street
Bonhill Street E.C.2 Hill Street
Bonneville Gardens S.W.4 Bonneville Road
Boot Buildings N.1 White Horse Buildings
Borthwick Street S.E.8 Butcher Row
Boscobel Place S.W.1 Royal Oak Place
Boscobel Street N.W.8 Princess Street
Boswell Street W.C.1 Devonshire Street
Botolph Passage E.3 Back Alley
Boundary Road # N.W.6 Victoria Mews
Boundary Road # N.W.6 Victoria Yard
Bourchier Street W.1 Little Dean Street
Bourdon Place W.1 Bourdon Street
Bourdon Street W.1 Grosvenor Mews
Bourlet Close W.1 Union Mews
Bourne Street S.W.1 Westbourne Street
Bourne Terrace W.2 Westbourne Terrace North.
Bouverie Place W.2 Bouverie Street
Boyton Place N.W.1 Suffolk Place
Brackenbury Gardens W.6 Augustus Road
Bradlaugh Street N.1 Lower John Saint
Braes Street N.1 Spring Street
Braganza Street S.E.17 New Street
Braidwood Street S.E.1 Green Bank
Bramshaw Road E.9 Brampton Road
Bramwell Place S.W.8 Queens Place
Brayfield Terrace N.1 Alma Terrace
Bredgar Road N.19 Langdon Road
Brenthouse Road E.9 Devonshire Road
Brewer Street # W.1 Little Pulteney Street
Brewhouse End S.E.10 Brewhouse Lane
Brewhouse Street S.W.15 Brewhouse Lane
Bridge Approach N.W.1 Bridge Road
Bridge Arcade S.E.1 Arcade, The
Bridge Arcade S.E.1 The Arcade
Bridgefoot S.E.11 Upper Kennington Lane (W. of Vauxhall Cross)
Bridgeman Street N.W.8 Upper William Street
Bridgeway Street N.W.1 Bridgewater Street
Bridport Terrace S.W.8 Howard Street
Bridstow Place W.2 Victoria Place
Bright Mews N.1 Albert Mews
Brinsley Street E.1 Spencer Street
Briset Street E.C.1 Berkley Street
Bristow Road S.E.19 Barnfield Road
Brittany Street S.E.11 Wood Street
Britton Street E.C.1 Red Lion Street
Brixton Station Road S.W.9 Station Road
Broadbent Street W.1 Little Grosvenor Street
Broadley Street N.W.8 Earl Street
Broadway Market E.8 Broadway, The
Broadway Market E.8 The Broadway
Broadwick Street W.1 Broad Street
Broadwick Street W.1 Edward Street
Brokesley Street E.3 Lincoln Street
Bromfield Street N.1 King Edward Street
Bromley High Street E.14 High Street Poplar
Brompton Place S.W.3 Lloyds Place
Brook Drive S.E.11 Brook Street
Brook Lane S.E.3 Kidbrooke Lane
Brooke's Court # E.C.1 Bell Court
Brooklands Park S.E.3 Brooklands Road
Brooksbank Street E.9 Arthur Street
Broomhouse Lane S.W.6 Broomhouse Road (S. part)
Bros Street E.8 East Street
Brough Street S.W.8 Rutland Street
Brown Hart Gardens W.1 Brown Street
Brown Hart Gardens W.1 Hart Street
Brownfield Street E.14 Greenfield Street
Browning Mews W.1 Westmoreland Mews
Brownspring Drive S.E.9 Brownspring Road
Brunchild Street E.1 Brunswick Street
Brune Street E.1 Butler Street
Brunswick Park S.E.5 Brunswick Square (S. part)
Brunswick Villas S.E.5 Brunswick Road
Brushwood Street E.14 Bromley Street
Bryan Road S.E.16 Trinity Road
Brydges Place W.C.2 Taylor's Buildings
Buckfast Street E.2 Abbey Street
Buckingham Place S.W.1 Buckingham Street
Buckley Street S.E.1 Frances Street
Buckmaster Road S.W.11 Middleton Road
Buller Square S.E.15 Trafalgar Square
Bulmer Mews W.11 Albert Mews
Bulstrode Place W.1 Bulstrode Mews
Bunton Street S.E.18 Myrtle Street
Burder Road N.1 Stanley Road
Burford Road # S.E.6 Castlands Road (part)
Burge Street S.E.1 Great Bland Street
Burgh Street N.1 Clarence Street
Burnham Street E.2 Chester Street
Burton Grove S.E.17 Burton Road
Burton Place W.C.2 Crescent Place
Bury Place W.C.1 Bury Street
Bush Cottages S.W.18 Laurel Cottages
Bute Gardens W.6 Elm Gardens
Bute Gardens W.6 Elm Grove

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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