Cable Street # E.1 Brook Street
Cable Street # E.1 White Horse Street (S. part)
Cadogan Gardens S.W.1 Cadogan Terrace
Cadogan Lane S.W.1 Little Cadogan Place
Caedmon Road N.7 Spencer Road
Calderwood Street S.E.18 William Street
Caldwell Street S.W.9 Holland Street
Callcott Street W.8 William Street
Calshot Street N.1 Southampton Street
Calverley Walk E.1 Calverley Street
Calvin Street E.1 Great Pearl Street
Camberwell Church Street S.E.5 Church Street
Cambridge Crescent E.2 Cambridge Circus
Cambridge Drive S.E.12 Cambridge Road
Cambridge Grove W.6 Cambridge Road
Cambridge Passage E.9 Paradise Passage
Cambridge Row & Review Place S.E.18 Cambridge Place
Camdale Road S.E.18 Blind Lane
Camden High Street N.W.1 High Street Camden Town
Camden Walk N.1 Camden Street
Camelot Street S.E.15 Arthur Street
Camera Place S.W.10 Chapel Street
Camley Street N.W.1 Cambridge Street
Canal Approach S.E.8 Canal Bank
Canal View N.W.1 Canal Terrace
Canon Beck Road S.E.16 Clarence Street
Canon Murnane Road S.E.1 Ernest Street
Capener's Close S.W.1 Capener's Yard
Cardinal Bourne Street S.E.1 Lower Bland Street
Carlisle Street S.E.1 Park Place
Carlisle Yard N.W.3 Brewer's Yard
Carltoun Street N.W.5 Carlton Street
Carnegie Street N.1 Charlotte Street
Carol Street N.W.1 Caroline Street
Carolina Place S.E.18 Caroline Place
Caroline Terrace S.W.1 Caroline Street
Caroline Walk W.6 Caroline Place
Caslon Street E.C.1 New Street
Castlereagh Street W.1 Moore Street
Catherine Place S.W.1 Catherine Street
Cato Street W.1 Horace Street
Cavage Place S.W.10 Chelsea Grove
Cavage Place S.W.10 Clifton Place
Cave Street N.1 Payne Street
Cavell Street E.1 Bedford Street
Cavendish Retreat S.W.8 Retreat, The
Cavendish Retreat S.W.8 The Retreat
Caxton Grove E.3 Caxton Street
Cecelia Road E.8 Norfolk Road
Cedarne Road S.W.6 Cedar Road
Central Place E.C.1 York Place
Chalcot Road N.W.1 Saint Georges Road
Chalcot Square N.W.1 Saint Georges Square
Chalton Street # N.W.1 Clarendon Square (E. side)
Chalton Street # N.W.1 Stibbington Street
Chamberlain Cottages S.E.5 Grove Cottages
Chambers Road N.7 Saint Peters Road
Champion Road S.E.26 Champion Park
Chancellor Grove S.E.21 Chancellor Road
Chandos Place and William IV Street W.C.2 Chandos Street
Chantry Street N.1 Saint James's Street
Chapel Hill S.E.18 Chapel Street
Chapel Market N.1 Chapel Street
Chapone Place W.1 Dean Yard
Charles Close N.W.1 Little Charles Place
Charlotte Road E.C.2 Charlotte Street
Charlotte Row S.W.4 Charlotte Place
Charlotte Villas S.E.27 Ernest Place
Charlotte Vs. S.E.27 Charlotte Place
Charlton Park Lane S.E.7 Park Lane
Charmouth Street N.1 Curzon Street
Charnwood Street E.5 Caroline Street
Chart Street N.1 Great Chart Street
Charterhouse Street # E.C.1 Crown Court
Chartham Grove S.W.27 Chartham Road
Chatfield Road S.W.11 Sewell Road
Chatsworth Way S.E.27 Chatsworth Road
Chelsea Manor Gardens S.W.3 Manor Gardens
Chelsea Manor Street S.W.3 Manor Street
Chelsea Square S.W.3 Trafalgar Square
Cheney Road N.W.1 Cheney Street
Cheney Road N.W.1 Edmund Street
Chenies Mews # W.C.1 Hills Place
Chepstow Road W.2 Richmond Road
Cherry Place E.1 Claremont Place
Cheseman Street S.E.26 Russell Street
Cheshire Buildings E.2 Hereford Buildings
Cheshire Street # E.2 Hare Street
Chess Court E.1 Castle Court
Chester Grove S.E.18 Chester Place
Chester Mews. # S.W.1 Chester Mews N.
Chester Square Mews S.W.1 Chester Place Mews
Chester Terrace Mews N.W.1 Chester Mews
Chester Way S.E.11 Chester Street
Chestnut Court S.W.6 Crown Court
Chestnut Rise S.E.18 Chesnut Road
Chillingworth Road N.7 Victoria Road
Chiltern Street W.1 East Street
Chislehurst Lane S.E.9 Green Lane
Chivers Cottages E.14 Cottages, The
Chivers Cottages E.14 The Cottages
Christchurch Hill N.W.3 Christchurch Road
Christchurch Way S.E.10 Christchurch Street
Christian Place E.1 Matilda Street
Christiana Street E.C.2 Motley Street
Christie Place E.9 College Place
Christie Street N.19 Gladstone Street
Christmas Street S.E.1 Noel Street
Chudleigh Street E.1 Albany Street
Church Gate S.W.6 Church Row
Churchfields S.E.10 Straightsmouth (N. part)
Churchill Walk E.9 Churchill Road
Churchyard Passage S.E.5 Church Passage
Clapham Crescent S.W.4 Park Crescent
Clapham High Street S.W.4 High Street Clapham
Clapham Manor Street S.W.4 Manor Street
Clare Lane N.1 Clarence Lane
Clare Terrace S.E.17 Claremont Terrace
Claredale Street E.2 Claremont Street
Clarence Avenue S.W.4 Clarence Road
Clarence Close E.5 Clarence Terrace
Clarence Walk S.W.4 Clarence Street
Clarence Way N.W.1 Clarence Road
Clarendon Close W.2 Chester Mews
Clarendon Crescent W.2 Clarendon Street
Clarendon Drive S.W.15 Clarendon Road
Clarendon Rise S.E.13 Clarendon Road
Clarges Mews W.1 Lambeth Mews
Clark's Passage S.W.8 Clark's Place
Clavell Street S.E.10 Little Thames Street
Cleaver Square S.E.11 Princes Square
Clere Place E.C.2 Paradise Place
Clere Street E.C.2 Paradise Street
Cleveland Row S.W.1 Cleveland Square
Cleveland Row # S.W.1 Cleveland Street
Cleveland Terrace # W.2 James Street
Cleveland Way E.1 Cleveland Street
Cliff Road N.W.1 Clifton Road
Cliff Villas N.W.1 Clifton Villas
Cliffords Row S.W.1 Elizabeth Place
Clifton Avenue W.12 Clifton Road
Clifton Rise S.E.14 Clifton Hill
Clissold Crescent N.16 Park Lane
Coal Wharf Road W.12 Wharf Road
Coalecroft Road S.W.15 Upper Park Fields
Cobden Place S.E.15 Cobden Street
Coborn Street E.3 East Street
Coborn Street # E.3 East Street
Cockspur Court S.W.1 Red Lion Yard
Coleman Close and Monza Place E.1 Coleman Street
Coleman Fields N.1 Coleman Street
Coley Street W.C.1 Wilson Street
College Cross N.1 College Street
College Terrace E.3 College Street
College Yard N.W.5 College Mews
Collent Street E.9 Margaret Street
Collingwood Place S.E.18 Collingwood Street
Collins Road N.5 Paradise Road
Collin's Yard N.1 Brewer's Yard
Colombo Street S.E.1 Collingwood Street
Comet Ho. Place S.E.8 Providence Place
Commercial Road E.1 & E.14 Commercial Road E.,
Commercial Way S.E.15 Commercial Road
Compayne Gardens # N.W.6 Chislett Road
Condell Road S.W.8 Sterndale Road
Condray Street S.W.11 Frances Street
Conquest Street S.E.1 Bath Street
Cons Street S.E.1 Little Windmill Street
Consort Road S.E.15 Albert Road
Consort Street W.2 Albert Street
Constitution Rise S.E.18 Constitution Hill
Conway Street W.1 Southampton Street
Coomer Mews S.W.6 Bishop's Mews
Copperfield Street S.E.1 Orange Street
Cordelia Street E.14 Market Street
Cornwall Avenue E.2 Cornwall Road
Corrall Road N.7 Charles Street Holingsworth Street
Cosser Court S.E.1 North Court
Cosser Street S.E.1 North Street
Cottage Walk S.W.3 Cottage Place
Coulgate Street S.E.4 Railway Approach
County Street S.E.1 Adam Street
County Street S.E.1 County Terrace Street
Courland Street S.W.8 Clifton Street
Court Grove S.E.9 Grove, The
Court Grove S.E.9 The Grove
Courtnauld Place W.1 Union Place
Coventry Road E.1 & E.2 Coventry Street
Cowley Gardens E.1 Cowley Street
Cowley Gardens # E.1 Elizabeth Cottages
Crace Street N.W.1 Little Drummond Street
Cramer Street W.1 Great Barlow Street
Cranberry Street E.1 Clarence Street
Cranbrook Terrace E.2 Cranbrook Road
Cranleigh Street N.W.1 Johnson Street
Crawford Road S.E.5 Crawford Street
Creasy Street S.E.1 Cross Street
Creek Road S.E.10 Bridge Street
Creekside S.E.8 Creek Street
Creekside S.E.8 Knott Street
Crescent Row E.C.1 Middle Row
Cresset Road E.9 Brunswick Street
Cresset Street S.W.4 Cross Street
Cressy Court E.1 Little Union Place
Crestfield Street W.C.1 Chesterfield Street
Crockford Place N.W.1 Manning Place
Crombie Mews S.W.11 Victoria Mews
Cross Keys Close W.1 Cross Keys Mews
Cross Street E.C.1 Saint Cross Street
Crowder Street E.1 Denmark Street
Crown Court # W.C.2 Cross Court
Crown Works E.2 Crown Yard
Crozier Court E.C.1 Mitre Court, Saint John Street
Culmore Cross S.W.12 Culmore Road
Culpepper Street N.1 Albert Street
Cumberland Gardens W.C.1 Cumberland Terrace
Cumberland Terrace Mews N.W.1 Cumberland Mews
Cundy Street S.W.1 Little Ebury Street
Curtain Place E.C.2 Union Place
Curtis Street S.E.1 Willow Street
Curzon Street # W.1 Seamore Place (part)
Cut, The S.E.1 Great Charlotte Street
Cut, The S.E.1 New Cut
Cyclops Place E.3 Powis Road
Cypress Place W.1 Little Howland Street
Cyprus Place E.2 Arthur Street

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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