Saffron Hill E.C.1 Great Saffron Hill
Saffron Street E.C.1 Castle Street
Saint Alban's Grove W.8 Saint Albans Road (W. part)
Saint Albans Street S.W.1 Saint Albans Place
Saint Alban's Street # S.W.1 Market Street
Saint Alfege Passage S.E.10 Church Passage
Saint Andrews Grove N.16 Saint Andrew's Road
Saint Andrews Walk E.2 Saint Andrews Street
Saint Ann's Hill # S.W.18 Grove, The
Saint Ann's Hill # S.W.18 The Grove
Saint Ann's Hill # S.W.18 Vicarage Terrace
Saint Chads. Street W.C.1 Derby Street
Saint Clements Lane W.C.2 Clements Lane
Saint Clements Lane W.C.2 Twining Street
Saint Cross Street E.C.1 Cross Street
Saint Dionis Road S.W.6 Rectory Road
Saint Edmunds Close N.W.8 Lancaster Mews
Saint George Street W.1 George Street Hanover Square
Saint George's Mkt. S.E.1 Market Row
Saint Georges Way S.E.15 Saint Georges Road
Saint Giles High Street W.C.2 High Street Saint Giles
Saint Giles Passage W.C.2 Church Passage
Saint Giles Road S.E.5 Brunswick Square (E. part)
Saint Giles Road S.E.5 Glebe Road
Saint James's Approach E.C.2 Saint James's Place
Saint James's Avenue E.2 Saint James's Road
Saint James's Crescent S.W.9 Saint James's Road
Saint James's Villas S.E.18 Church Terrace
Saint Johns Avenue S.W.15 Saint Johns Road
Saint Johns Crescent S.W.9 Saint Johns Road
Saint Johns Terrace S.E.18 Saint Johns Road
Saint John's Terrace # W.10 Church Place
Saint Johns Wood High Street N.W.8 High Street
Saint Josephs Street S.W.8 Gladstone Street Battersea Park Road
Saint Jude's Road E.2 Saint Jude's Street
Saint Lawrence Street E.14 Norfolk Street
Saint Lawrence Terrace W.10 Saint Lawrence Road
Saint Lukes Avenue S.W.4 Saint Lukes Road
Saint Lukes Row E.C.1 Church Row
Saint Lukes Street S.W.3 King Street
Saint Margarets Grove S.E.18 Saint Margarets Road
Saint Margarets Passage S.E.13 Royal Oak Place
Saint Margaret's Terrace S.E.18 Lee Street
Saint Mark's Rise E.8 Saint Mark's Road
Saint Martins Close N.W.1 Saint Martins Place
Saint Marys Gardens S.E.11 Saint Marys Square
Saint Marys Grove N.1 Saint Marys Road
Saint Marys Path N.1 Church Lane
Saint Marys Walk S.E.11 Saint Marys Street
Saint Matthew's Road S.W.2 Church Road
Saint Matthew's Row E.2 Church Row
Saint Michael's Grove N.6 South Grove (part)
Saint Pancras Way N.W.1 Kings Road
Saint Pauls Yard N.7 Saint Pauls Mews
Saint Peters Avenue E.2 Saint Peter Street
Saint Peters Close E.2 Saint Peters Square
Saint Peters Way N.1 Saint Peters Road
Saint Philip Square S.W.8 Queens Square
Saint Philips Way N.1 Saint Philip Street
Saint Quintin Gardens W.10 The Triangle
Saint Quintin Gardens W.10 Triangle, The
Saint Rule Street S.W.8 Saint Andrews Street
Saint Silas Place N.W.5 Palace Street
Saint Stephen's Close S.E.1 Saint Stephen's Square
Saint Stephens Gardens W.2 Burlington Road
Saint Stephen's Mews W.2 Richmond Mews, Richmond Road
Saint Stephens Road # E.3 Clark's Place
Saint Thomas's Way S.W.6 Saint Thomas's Road
Saint Vincent Street W.1 Little Barlow Street
Sale Place W.2 Sale Street
Salmon Buildings E.14 Wrights Buildings
Saltash Street E.2 Tavistock Street
Saltwell Street E.14 Lower North Street
Sampsom Street E.1 Globe Street
Sampson Street E.1 Sampson's Gardens
Sanctuary Street S.E.1 Harrow Street (S. part)
Sandbrook Road # N.16 Woodland Road
Sandford Street S.W.6 Little Stamford Street
Sandy Hill Avenue S.E.18 Avenue, The
Sandy Hill Avenue S.E.18 The Avenue
Sarum Street E.3 Salisbury Street
Satchwell Road E.2 Orange Street
Satchwell Road E.2 Satchwell Rents
Saunders Grove W.11 Saunders Road
Saunders Ness Road E.14 Wharf Road (E. part)
Savoy Row W.C.2 Church Row
Savoy Way W.C.2 Somerset Street
Saxon Road # E.3 Eglinton Road
Scala Street W.1 Pitt Street
Scholey Cottages S.W.1 Victoria Cottages
Scholey Street S.W.11 Hart Street
School Street W.6 Chapel Street
Scurr Street E.14 Charles Street
Seaham Street S.W.8 Spring Gardens
Searle Street S.W.11 Spencer Street
Seaton Place N.W.1 Seaton Street
Sebastian Street E.C.1 Upper Charles Street
Sekforde Street # E.C.1 Saint James's Walk (part)
Selbury Street N.1 Mount Pleasant
Selous Street N.W.1 Little Camden Street
Seymour Close E.C.1 Seymour Place
Shadwell Street E.1 Mercer Street
Shakespeare Road S.E.24 Hamilton Terrace
Shakespeare Walk N.16 Shakspeare Road
Shavers Place W.1 Arundel Place
Shelton Street W.C.2 Brokers Alley
Shelton Street W.C.2 Castle Street
Shene Street E.C.1 Richmond Street
Shepherd Mkt. # W.1 Market Street
Shepherds Bush Place W.12 Providence Place
Shepherds Gardens W.12 Camden Gardens
Sheraton Street W.1 Little Chapel Street
Sheringham Street N.W.1 Hereford Street
Sherlock Mews W.1 York Mews South
Sherwood Avenue S.W.16 Sherwood Park Road
Shillibeer Place W.1 Little Harcourt Street
Shillingford Street N.1 Little Cross Street
Shillingford Street N.1 Spencer Street
Shiloh Place E.1 Eaton Place
Shirley Street N.1 Grace Street
Short Place S.E.18 Short Street
Shortlands # W.6 Edwin Cottages
Shortlands # W.6 Montague Street
Shortlands # W.6 Rose Cottages
Shortlands # W.6 Vine Cottages
Shortlands Mews W.6 Montagu Mews
Shrewsbury Mews W.2 Richmond Mews West
Shuttle Street E.1 New Church Street
Shuttleworth Road S.W.11 Castle Street
Siddons Lane N.W.1 Park Lane
Silver Walk S.E.16 Silver Street
Sispara Gardens S.W.18 Downsbury Road
Skinner Place # S.W.1 Skinner Street
Slindon Court N.16 Chapel Court
Smallbrook Mews W.2 Lower Conduit Mews
Smarts Place W.C.2 Smarts Buildings
Smithy Street E.1 Smith Street
Smollett Street S.W.3 Wood Street
Snowden Street E.C.2 Market Street
Solebay Place E.1 Little Bridge Street
Solebay Street E.1 & E.3 Bridge Street
Somers Crescent W.2 Somers Place
Somertrees Avenue S.E.12 Avenue, The
Somertrees Avenue S.E.12 The Avenue
Southampton Way S.E.5 Southampton Street
Southend Crescent S.E.9 Southend Road
Southern Grove E.3 South Grove
Southey Road S.W.9 Saint Ann's Road
Southwark Grove S.E.1 Grove
Sovereign Street W.2 Victoria Street
Sparta Place S.E.10 Regent Street
Spears Road N.19 Holland Road
Speech Street S.E.1 Parliament Street
Spencer Rise N.W.5 Spencer Road
Spenser Grove N.16 Spenser Road
Spert Street E.14 London Street (S part)
Sprimont Place S.W.3 Norman Street
Spring Passage S.W.15 Spring Gardens
Springfield Lane N.W.6 Goldsmiths Place
Spurgeon Street S.E.1 Upper Bland Street
Stackhouse Street S.W.3 Cross Street
Staffordshire Street S.E.15 Stafford Street
Stamford Close N.W.3 Stamford Place
Stanhope Gate W.1 Great Stanhope Street
Stanhope Row W.1 Little Stanhope Street
Stanhope Terrace W.2 Stanhope Street
Stanley Passage N.W.1 Red Lion Passage
Stanway Street N.1 Gifford Street
Starcross Street N.W.1 Exmouth Street
Starfield Road W.12 Station Road
Station Crescent S.E.3 Station Road
Station Crescent S.E.3 Station Terrace
Station Passage S.E.15 Station Approach
Station Path S.W.6 Railway Approach
Station Rise S.E.27 Approach Road
Steadman Street E.C.1 Henry Street
Stedham Place W.C.1 Charlotte Mews
Stenhouse Street E.2 Carlisle Street
Stockwell Lane S.W.9 Love Lane
Stoke Newington Church Street N.16 Church Street
Stoke Newington Church Street N.16 Clissold Park Vs.
Stoke Newington Church Street # N.16 Clarence Terrace
Stoke Newington Church Street # N.16 Kingsway (part)
Stoke Newington Church Street # N.16 Newington Hall Vs.
Stoke Newington Church Street # N.16 Paradise Row
Stoke Newington Church Street # N.16 Park Crescent
Stoneleigh Place W.11 Abbey Road
Stones End Street S.E.1 Montague Street
Store Street # W.C.1 Keppel Street
Stortford Place N.1 Stratford Place
Strathearn Place W.2 Chester Place
Streetmattias Square N.16 Goldsmith Square
Stukeley Street W.C.2 Goldsmith Street
Stutfield Place E.1 Queen's Place
Sudrey Street S.E.1 Little Suffolk Street
Suffolk Grove S.E.16 Suffolk Street
Sulina Road # S.W.2 Creasy's Cottages
Sunbury Lane S.W.11 Church Lane
Sunbury Street S.E.18 Short Street
Sunbury Street S.E.18 Sun Street
Sundermead Road S.E.13 Shrubbery Road
Surrey Steps W.C.2 Surrey Place
Sussex Gardens # W.2 Cambridge Terrace
Sussex Gardens # W.2 Grand Junction Road
Sussex Gardens # W.2 Oxford Terrace
Sussex Place # W.2 Little Sussex Place
Sussex Way N.19 Cottenham Road
Sussex Way N.7 Sussex Road
Sutherland Walk S.E.17 Sutherland Street
Sutton Row W.1 Sutton Street
Swan Road S.E.16 Swan Lane
Swanfield Street E.2 Mount Street
Swanscombe Road W.11 Boundary Road
Swedenborg Square E.1 Princes Square
Swinton Place W.C.1 Cross Street
Sycamore Gardens W.6 Avenue Road
Sydney Close S.W.3 Avenue, The
Sydney Close S.W.3 The Avenue
Sylvester Path. E.8 Hackney Grove (part)

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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