E1-16 EC1-4 N1-19 NW1-8 SE1-27 SW1-27 W1-14 WC1-2
S.W.1 Alfred Street Udall Street
S.W.1 Ann's Place Ann's Close
S.W.1 Babmaes Mews Babmaes Street
S.W.1 Bentinck Street Hatherley Street
S.W.1 Berwick Street Guildhouse Street
S.W.1 Brewer Street Allington Street
S.W.1 Buckingham Street Buckingham Place
S.W.1 Cadogan Terrace Cadogan Gardens
S.W.1 Capener's Yard Capener's Close
S.W.1 Carey Street Rutherford Street
S.W.1 Caroline Street Caroline Terrace
S.W.1 Catherine Street Catherine Place
S.W.1 Chester Mews N. Chester Mews. #
S.W.1 Chester Place Mews Chester Square Mews
S.W.1 Cleveland Square Cleveland Row
S.W.1 Cleveland Street Cleveland Row #
S.W.1 Derby Street Derby Gate
S.W.1 Eaton Cottages Eaton Close
S.W.1 Eccleston Street E. Eccleston Place #
S.W.1 Edward Street Osbert Street
S.W.1 Elizabeth Place Cliffords Row
S.W.1 Elizabeth Place Great Peter Street Elizabeth Court
S.W.1 Garden Street Garden Terrace
S.W.1 Grays Inn Place Osier Place
S.W.1 Halkin Mews N. Halkin Mews
S.W.1 Harley Mews Wigmore Place
S.W.1 Little Cadogan Place Cadogan Lane
S.W.1 Little Ebury Street Cundy Street
S.W.1 Lowndes Mews Lowndes Close
S.W.1 Market Street Saint Alban's Street #
S.W.1 North Street Lord North Street
S.W.1 Park Place Park Close
S.W.1 Pembroke Mews North Pembroke Close
S.W.1 Percy Cottages Old Barrack Yard #
S.W.1 Phillip's Terrace Old Barrack Yard #
S.W.1 Phipps Mews (part) Eccleston Place
S.W.1 Red Lion Yard Cockspur Court
S.W.1 Royal Oak Place Boscobel Place
S.W.1 Rutland Street Antrobus Street
S.W.1 Saint Albans Place Saint Albans Street
S.W.1 Saint Leonard Street Longmoore Street
S.W.1 Skinner Street Skinner Place #
S.W.1 Somerset Street Handley Street
S.W.1 Union Street Passmore Street
S.W.1 Union Street Passmore Street #
S.W.1 Upper Garden Street Thorndike Street
S.W.1 Victoria Cottages Scholey Cottages
S.W.1 Warwick Place W. Mews West Mews
S.W.1 Warwick Street Warwick Way
S.W.1 Wellington Mews Oranmore Mews
S.W.1 Wells Street Babmaes Street
S.W.1 Westbourne Street Bourne Street
S.W.1 Westmoreland Street Westmoreland Terrace
S.W.1 Willow Street Willow Place
S.W.1 Wlton Crescent Mews Wilton Row
S.W.1 York Street Duke of York Street
S.W.2 Allington Street Allington Road
S.W.2 Avenue, The Jebb Avenue
S.W.2 Bartley Street Bartley Road
S.W.2 Brandon Road Bartley Road
S.W.2 Church Road Saint Matthew's Road
S.W.2 Clovelly Gardens Upper Tulse Hill #
S.W.2 Cornwall Road Part Blenheim Gardens part Crescent Lane #
S.W.2 Creasy's Cottages Sulina Road #
S.W.2 Exchange, The Upper Tulse Hill #
S.W.2 Forster Close Tilson Gardens
S.W.2 Mill Lane Morrish Road
S.W.2 The Avenue Jebb Avenue
S.W.2 The Exchange Upper Tulse Hill #
S.W.3 Albert Cottages Hoadly Cottages
S.W.3 Avenue, The Sydney Close
S.W.3 Bedford Terrace Hemus Place
S.W.3 Blenheim Street Astell Street
S.W.3 Caroline Place Donne Place
S.W.3 Charlotte Street Rysbrack Street
S.W.3 Church Street Old Church Street
S.W.3 College Place Elystan Place
S.W.3 Cottage Place Cottage Walk
S.W.3 Cross Street Stackhouse Street
S.W.3 Elm Place E. Lecky Street
S.W.3 Francis Street Petyward
S.W.3 Green Street Mossop Street
S.W.3 King Street Saint Lukes Street
S.W.3 Little Elm Place Lecky Street
S.W.3 Little Orford Street Rosemoor Street
S.W.3 Lloyds Place Brompton Place
S.W.3 Manor Gardens Chelsea Manor Gardens
S.W.3 Manor Street Chelsea Manor Street
S.W.3 Norman Street Sprimont Place
S.W.3 Oakley Crescent Oakley Gardens
S.W.3 Radnor Street Radnor Walk
S.W.3 The Avenue Sydney Close
S.W.3 Trafalgar Square Chelsea Square
S.W.3 Upper Manor Street Manor Street
S.W.3 Wellington Street Flood Walk
S.W.3 Wood Street Smollett Street
S.W.3 York Mews Dunmaston Mews
S.W.4 Bonneville Road Bonneville Gardens
S.W.4 Charlotte Place Charlotte Row
S.W.4 Clarence Road Clarence Avenue
S.W.4 Clarence Street Clarence Walk
S.W.4 Cross Street Cresset Street
S.W.4 Deauville Road Elms Crescent
S.W.4 Ellerslie Road Ellerslie Square
S.W.4 Grange Road Hannington Road
S.W.4 High Street Clapham Clapham High Street
S.W.4 King's Head Yard King's Head Passage
S.W.4 Little Manor Street Prescott Place
S.W.4 Manor Street Clapham Manor Street
S.W.4 North Road Northbourne Road
S.W.4 Park Crescent Clapham Crescent
S.W.4 Park Place Holwood Place and Saint Alphonsus Road #
S.W.4 Pleasant Place Triangle Place #
S.W.4 Saint Lukes Road Saint Lukes Avenue
S.W.4 Victoria Road Victoria Rise
S.W.4 Windmill Place Windmill Drive
S.W.4 Windmill Road Windmill Drive
S.W.4 York Terrace Lendal Terrace
S.W.5 Coleherne Court (Part) Old Brompton Road #
S.W.5 Drayton Terrace Old Brompton Road #
S.W.5 Gaspar Mews Gaspar Close
S.W.5 Gledhow Terrace Old Brompton Road #
S.W.5 Laverton Mews Laverton Place #
S.W.5 Moreton Gardens Old Brompton Road #
S.W.5 Moreton Terrace Old Brompton Road #
S.W.5 West Bolton Gardens Old Brompton Road #
S.W.5 Wetherby Terrace (part) Earl's Court Road #
S.W.5 Wetherby Terrace (part) Old Brompton Road #
S.W.6 Arcade, The Waltham Gn. Arcade
S.W.6 Beaconsfield Road Beaconsfield Walk
S.W.6 Bishop's Mews Coomer Mews
S.W.6 Blake Road Blake Gardens
S.W.6 Brind Terrace Regault Road #
S.W.6 Broadway, The, Walham Grn. Fulham Broadway
S.W.6 Broomhouse Road (S. part) Broomhouse Lane
S.W.6 Cedar Road Cedarne Road
S.W.6 Church Row Church Gate
S.W.6 Cornwall Street Rumbold Road
S.W.6 Crown Court Chestnut Court
S.W.6 Emden Road Emden Street
S.W.6 Garden Row Lansdown Place
S.W.6 Hawes Buildings Rigault Road #
S.W.6 High Street Fulham Fulham High Street
S.W.6 Little Stamford Street Sandford Street
S.W.6 Pownall Road Pownall Place
S.W.6 Railway Approach Station Path
S.W.6 Rectory Road Saint Dionis Road
S.W.6 Richmond Place Empress Place
S.W.6 Saint Thomas's Road Saint Thomas's Way
S.W.6 Stamford Road Holmead Road
S.W.6 Stanley Road Michael Road
S.W.6 The Arcade Waltham Gn. Arcade
S.W.6 The Broadway, Walham Grn. Fulham Broadway
S.W.7 Alfred Cottages Montpelier Place #
S.W.7 Alfred Place Thurloe Street
S.W.7 Atherstone Terrace Gloucester Road #
S.W.7 Bank Buildings Gloucester Road #
S.W.7 Charles Street Trevor Street
S.W.7 Cornwall Gardens (part) Gloucester Road #
S.W.7 Gloucester Terrace Old Brompton Road #
S.W.7 Hill Street Trevor Place
S.W.7 Middle Street Fairholt Street
S.W.7 Onslow Place Old Brompton Road #
S.W.7 Petersham Terrace Gloucester Road
S.W.7 Queensberry Mews East Queensberry Way
S.W.7 Roland Houses (part) Old Brompton Road #
S.W.7 Roland Mans. Old Brompton Road #
S.W.7 Southwell Gardens (part) Gloucester Road #
S.W.7 Station Buildings Gloucester Road #
S.W.7 Sussex Place Old Brompton Road #
S.W.8 Albion Road Albion Avenue
S.W.8 Archer Street Parry Street
S.W.8 Beech Street Banks Street
S.W.8 Bond Street Bondway
S.W.8 Brighton Terrace Patcham Terrace
S.W.8 Church Street Ashmole Street
S.W.8 Clark's Place Clark's Passage
S.W.8 Clifton Street Courland Street
S.W.8 Devonshire Road Allen Edwards Road
S.W.8 Dorset Mews Dorset Walk
S.W.8 Ely Place Ely Cottages
S.W.8 Field Place Pulham Place
S.W.8 Gladstone Street Battersea Park Road Saint Josephs Street
S.W.8 Gladstone Street Wyvil Road Trenchold Street
S.W.8 Grove, The Vauxhall Grove
S.W.8 Horace Street Luscombe Street #
S.W.8 Howard Street Bridport Terrace
S.W.8 Milton Place Belmore Place
S.W.8 Milton Street Minshull Street
S.W.8 New Road Thessaly Road
S.W.8 Osborne Terrace Richborne Terrace
S.W.8 Porson Street Ebson Street
S.W.8 Priory Place Priory Court
S.W.8 Queens Place Bramwell Place
S.W.8 Queens Square Saint Philip Square
S.W.8 Retreat, The Cavendish Retreat
S.W.8 Richmond Place Birkin Street
S.W.8 Richmond Terrace Richborne Terrace
S.W.8 Rutland Street Brough Street
S.W.8 Saint Andrews Street Saint Rule Street
S.W.8 Seymour Street Driver Street
S.W.8 Simpson Street Blean Street
S.W.8 Spring Gardens Seaham Street
S.W.8 Sterndale Road Condell Road
S.W.8 Thackeray Street Thackeray Road
S.W.8 The Grove Vauxhall Grove
S.W.8 The Retreat Cavendish Retreat
S.W.8 Thurlow Street Pensbury Place
S.W.8 Victoria Place Marina Place
S.W.8 William Street Parvin Street
S.W.9 Ann's Place Robsart Place
S.W.9 Baker Street Blackwell Street
S.W.9 Bedford Court Fenwick Court
S.W.9 Chapel Street Mowll Street
S.W.9 Clarence Cottages Fenwick Cottages
S.W.9 Garden Row Garden Close
S.W.9 Holland Road (E. part) Minet Road
S.W.9 Holland Road (N.W. part) Lifford Road #
S.W.9 Holland Street Caldwell Street
S.W.9 Love Lane Stockwell Lane
S.W.9 Mostyn Terrace Lothian Road #
S.W.9 Railway Approach Railway Arcade
S.W.9 Russell Street Hillyard Street
S.W.9 Saint Ann's Road Southey Road
S.W.9 Saint James's Road Saint James's Crescent
S.W.9 Saint Johns Road Saint Johns Crescent
S.W.9 Stafford Road Wynne Terrace
S.W.9 Station Road Brixton Station Road
S.W.9 Trinity Square Trinity Gardens
S.W.10 Ann's Place Moravian Place
S.W.10 Chapel Street Camera Place
S.W.10 Chelsea Grove Cavage Place
S.W.10 Clifton Place Cavage Place
S.W.10 Clyde Street Redcliffe Place
S.W.10 Davis Place Apollo Place
S.W.10 North Street Billing Place
S.W.10 Priory Grove Priory Walk
S.W.10 Roland Mews Roland Way
S.W.10 Saint Mark's Road Billing Road
S.W.10 South Street Billing Street
S.W.11 Albert Cottages Alberta Cottages
S.W.11 Alfred Street Alfreda Street
S.W.11 Arthur Street Rawson Street
S.W.11 Berkley Street Wilditch Street
S.W.11 Bolingbroke Road Bolingbroke Walk
S.W.11 Carlton Mews Battersea Br. Road #
S.W.11 Castle Street Shuttleworth Road
S.W.11 Chatham Street Dagnall Street
S.W.11 Church Lane Sunbury Lane
S.W.11 Church Road Battersea Church Road
S.W.11 Crown Place Leitrim Passage
S.W.11 Doddington Grove Doddington Road
S.W.11 Emma Street Hope Street #
S.W.11 Field Place Play Place
S.W.11 Frances Street Condray Street
S.W.11 Green Lane Vicarage Crescent
S.W.11 Harley Street Harleton Street
S.W.11 Hart Street Scholey Street
S.W.11 Henry Street Winders Road #
S.W.11 John Street Petergate
S.W.11 Kennard Street Astle Street
S.W.11 Middleton Road Buckmaster Road
S.W.11 Newman Street Fownes Street
S.W.11 Nightingale Park Crescent Blenkarne Road
S.W.11 Palmerston Street Newton Street
S.W.11 Park Road Parkgate Road
S.W.11 Pearson Street Batten Street
S.W.11 Prince of Wales Road Prince of Wales Drive
S.W.11 Russell Street Ravenet Street
S.W.11 Saint John's Mews Plough Mews
S.W.11 Sewell Road Chatfield Road
S.W.11 Spencer Street Searle Street
S.W.11 Union Terrace Usk Terrace
S.W.11 Urswicke Road Badric Road
S.W.11 Vicarage Road Vicarage Crescent
S.W.11 Victoria Mews Crombie Mews
S.W.11 Wellington Road Hester Road
S.W.11 Wilson Street Wynter Street
S.W.11 York Place York Road
S.W.12 Culmore Road Culmore Cross
S.W.12 Grove Road Weir Road
S.W.12 Station Road Balham Balham Station Road
S.W.14 Army Street Littlebury Road
S.W.15 Brewhouse Lane Brewhouse Street
S.W.15 Clarendon Road Clarendon Drive
S.W.15 College Street Wadham Road
S.W.15 Elizabeth Place Oakhill Place
S.W.15 Herbert Road Bective Place
S.W.15 High Street Putney Putney High Street
S.W.15 High Street Roehampton Roehampton High Street
S.W.15 Lower Parkfields Parkfields
S.W.15 Myrtle Cottages Glegg Place
S.W.15 River Street Waterman Street
S.W.15 Saint Johns Road Saint Johns Avenue
S.W.15 Spring Gardens Spring Passage
S.W.15 Upper Park Fields Coalecroft Road
S.W.15 West Place Glegg Place
S.W.15 Woodlands Road Woodlands Way
S.W.16 Mountearl Road Mountearl Gardens
S.W.16 Sherwood Park Road Sherwood Avenue
S.W.16 Woodmansterne Crescent Runnymede Crescent
S.W.17 Saint Nicholas Road Trinity Crescent
S.W.18 Church Walk Jews Row
S.W.18 Downsbury Road Sispara Gardens
S.W.18 Emily Place Emily Villas
S.W.18 Grove, The Saint Ann's Hill #
S.W.18 Handel Street Tonsley Street
S.W.18 High Street Wandsworth Wandsworth High Street
S.W.18 Laurel Cottages Bush Cottages
S.W.18 North Place North Passage
S.W.18 Palmerston Road Avening Road
S.W.18 Park Road Elsynge Road
S.W.18 Saint Ann's Road Marcilly Road
S.W.18 The Grove Saint Ann's Hill #
S.W.18 Vicarage Terrace Saint Ann's Hill #
S.W.18 Wharf Road Raft Road
S.W.19 Albert Road Albert Drive
S.W.19 Princes Road Prince's Way
S.W.19 Victoria Road Victoria Drive
S.W.27 Chartham Road Chartham Grove

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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