E1-16 EC1-4 N1-19 NW1-8 SE1-27 SW1-27 W1-14 WC1-2
W.C.1 Argyle Place Argyle Walk
W.C.1 Baker Street Lloyd Baker Street
W.C.1 Belgrave Street Belgrove Street
W.C.1 Bury Street Bury Place
W.C.1 Caroline Street Adeline Place
W.C.1 Chapel Street Rugby Street
W.C.1 Charlotte Mews Stedham Place
W.C.1 Chesterfield Street Crestfield Street
W.C.1 Compton Street Tavistock Place #
W.C.1 Cross Street Swinton Place
W.C.1 Cumberland Terrace Cumberland Gardens
W.C.1 Derby Street Saint Chads. Street
W.C.1 Devonshire Street Boswell Street
W.C.1 East Street Dombey Street
W.C.1 Francis Street Torrington Place
W.C.1 Frederick Place Ampton Place
W.C.1 Gordon Place Endsleigh Place
W.C.1 Granville Place Gwynne Place
W.C.1 Green Dragon Yard Dragon Yard
W.C.1 Hart Street Bloomsbury Way
W.C.1 Henry Street Roger Street
W.C.1 Hills Place Chenies Mews #
W.C.1 Keppel Street Store Street #
W.C.1 Lansdowne Mews Ormond Mews
W.C.1 Lansdowne Place Lansdowne Terrace
W.C.1 Little Gower Place Gower Court
W.C.1 Little James Street Northington Street
W.C.1 Liverpool Street Birkenhead Street
W.C.1 Manchester Street Argyle Street and Whidborne Street ##
W.C.1 Margaret Street Margery Street
W.C.1 Ormond Yard Ormond Close
W.C.1 Penton Place Penton Rise
W.C.1 Robert Street Kirk Street
W.C.1 Silver Street Barter Street
W.C.1 Silver Street Barter Street #
W.C.1 Upper Baker Street Lloyd Baker Street
W.C.1 Upper Bedford Place Bedford Way
W.C.1 Upper Vernon Street Prideaux Place
W.C.1 Vernon Street Vernon Rise
W.C.1 Wells Street Wren Street
W.C.1 Weston Street Weston Rise
W.C.1 Wilson Street Coley Street
W.C.1 & W.1 Grafton Street Grafton Way
W.C.2 Angel Court Penley Court
W.C.2 Approach Road Temple Place
W.C.2 Arthur Street Earnshaw Street
W.C.2 Brewers Lane Hungerford Lane
W.C.2 Broad Street High Holborn #
W.C.2 Brokers Alley Shelton Street
W.C.2 Castle Street Shelton Street
W.C.2 Chandos Street Chandos Place and William IV Street
W.C.2 Church Passage Saint Giles Passage
W.C.2 Church Place Covent Garden. Inigo Place
W.C.2 Church Row Savoy Row
W.C.2 Clarks Mews Dyott Mews
W.C.2 Clements Lane Saint Clements Lane
W.C.2 Crescent Place Burton Place
W.C.2 Cross Court Crown Court #
W.C.2 George Yard Goslett Yard
W.C.2 Goldsmith Street Stukeley Street
W.C.2 Great Earl Street Earlham Street
W.C.2 Great Lion Street Mercer Street #
W.C.2 Great Saint Andrew Street Monmouth Street
W.C.2 High Street Saint Giles Saint Giles High Street
W.C.2 King William Street William IV. Street
W.C.2 King's Head Yard Mathews Yard
W.C.2 Lawrence Street Lawrence Place
W.C.2 Little Denmark Street Flitcroft Street
W.C.2 Little Earl Street Earlham Street
W.C.2 Little Lion Street Mercer Street #
W.C.2 Little Saint Andrew Street Monmouth Street
W.C.2 Lumber Court Tower Court
W.C.2 Maynard Street Lawrence Place
W.C.2 Princes Court Excel Court
W.C.2 Ryders Court Leicester Court
W.C.2 Smarts Buildings Smarts Place
W.C.2 Somerset Street Savoy Way
W.C.2 Surrey Place Surrey Steps
W.C.2 Taylor's Buildings Brydges Place
W.C.2 Twining Street Saint Clements Lane
W.C.2 Wilson Street Dryden Street
W.C.2 York Street Wellington Street Tavistock Street #
W.C.2 York Terrace Watergate Walk

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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