E1-16 EC1-4 N1-19 NW1-8 SE1-27 SW1-27 W1-14 WC1-2
W.1 Adam Street Robert Adam Street
W.1 Adams Mews Adams Row
W.1 Arundel Place Shavers Place
W.1 Bennett Street Rathbone Street
W.1 Black Horse Yard Evelyn Yard
W.1 Black Lion Court Blore Court
W.1 Bourdon Street Bourdon Place
W.1 Broad Street Broadwick Street
W.1 Brown Street Brown Hart Gardens
W.1 Buckingham Street Greenwell Street
W.1 Bulstrode Mews Bulstrode Place
W.1 Chapel Court Tenison Court
W.1 Charlton Street Hanson Street
W.1 Church Street Romilly Street
W.1 Circus Street Enford Street
W.1 Cross Keys Mews Cross Keys Close
W.1 Dean Yard Chapone Place
W.1 East Street Chiltern Street
W.1 Edward Street Broadwick Street
W.1 George Street Hanover Square Saint George Street
W.1 Gray Street Picton Place
W.1 Great Barlow Street Cramer Street
W.1 Great Chesterfield Street Wheatley Street
W.1 Great Quebec Street Upper Montagu Street #
W.1 Great Stanhope Street Stanhope Gate
W.1 Great Woodstock Street Nottingham Place #
W.1 Grosvenor Mews Bourdon Street
W.1 Hart Street Brown Hart Gardens
W.1 Henrietta Street Henrietta Place
W.1 High Street Marylebone Marylebone High Street
W.1 Horace Street Cato Street
W.1 King Street Blandford Street #
W.1 Kings Place Blandford Place
W.1 Lambeth Mews Clarges Mews
W.1 Little Barlow Street Saint Vincent Street
W.1 Little Chapel Street Sheraton Street
W.1 Little Crown Court Tisbury Court
W.1 Little Dean Street Bourchier Street
W.1 Little Durweston Street Durweston Street
W.1 Little Goodge Street Goodge Place
W.1 Little Grosvenor Mews Grosvenor Mews #
W.1 Little Grosvenor Street Broadbent Street
W.1 Little Harcourt Street Shillibeer Place
W.1 Little Howland Street Cypress Place
W.1 Little Pulteney Street Brewer Street #
W.1 Little Stanhope Street Stanhope Row
W.1 Little Welbeck Street Welbeck Way
W.1 Little Woodstock Mews Woodstock Mews
W.1 Lower Berkeley Street Fitzhardinge Street
W.1 Manchester Mews South Manchester Mews
W.1 Market Street Shepherd Mkt. #
W.1 Moore Street Castlereagh Street
W.1 Naylor's Yard Kingly Court
W.1 New Chesterfield Street De Walden Street
W.1 Paradise Place Garbutt Place
W.1 Paradise Street Moxon Street
W.1 Pitt Street Scala Street
W.1 Portman Mews North Portman Close
W.1 Queens Terrace Forset Close
W.1 Regent Place Regency Place
W.1 Robert Street Weighhouse Street
W.1 Saville Street Hanson Street
W.1 Seamore Place (part) Curzon Street #
W.1 Ship Alley Flaxman Court #
W.1 Ship Yard Flaxman Court
W.1 Southampton Street Conway Street
W.1 Star Court Greek Court
W.1 Streets Mews Rex Place
W.1 Sutton Place Falconberg Mews
W.1 Sutton Street Sutton Row
W.1 Trebeck Street East Chapel Street
W.1 Union Mews Bourlet Close
W.1 Union Place Courtnauld Place
W.1 Union Street Riding Ho. Street #
W.1 Union Street Riding House Street
W.1 Upper Charlton Street Hanson Street
W.1 Upper George Street George Street #
W.1 Upper Marylebone Street New Cavendish Street
W.1 Upper Rathbone Place Rathbone Street
W.1 Upper Rupert Street Wardour Street
W.1 Upper Wimpole Mews Dunstable Mews
W.1 W. Chapel Street Hertford Street #
W.1 West Street Newburgh Street
W.1 Westmoreland Mews Browning Mews
W.1 Wythburn Mews Wythburn Place
W.1 York Mews North David Mews
W.1 York Mews South Sherlock Mews
W.2 Albert Street Consort Street
W.2 Arthur Mews Winsland Mews
W.2 Bayswater Hill Bayswater Road #
W.2 Bayswater Terrace Bayswater Road #
W.2 Bishops Road Bishops Bridge Road
W.2 Blomfield Street Blomfield Villas
W.2 Bouverie Street Bouverie Place
W.2 Burlington Road Saint Stephens Gardens
W.2 Cambridge Place Norfolk Place
W.2 Cambridge Street Kendal Street
W.2 Cambridge Terrace Sussex Gardens #
W.2 Chester Mews Clarendon Close
W.2 Chester Place Strathearn Place
W.2 Chichester Street Kinnaird Street
W.2 Church Place, North Wharf Road Unwin Place
W.2 Clarendon Street Clarendon Crescent
W.2 Coburg Place Bayswater Road #
W.2 Connaught Square Mews Archery Close
W.2 Devonport Mews Radnor Mews
W.2 Douglas Place Redan Place
W.2 Elizabeth Place Poplar Place
W.2 Elizabeth Place Poplar Place #
W.2 Grand Junction Road Sussex Gardens #
W.2 Green Street N. Wharf Road #
W.2 Green Street North Wharf Road
W.2 Hampden Street Hampden Crescent
W.2 Hyde Park Terrace (part) Hyde Park Place #
W.2 James Street Cleveland Terrace #
W.2 Little Sussex Place Sussex Place #
W.2 Lower Conduit Mews Smallbrook Mews
W.2 Marlborough Gate Bayswater Road #
W.2 Norfolk Mews East Praed Mews
W.2 Norfolk Mews West London Mews
W.2 Oxford Terrace Sussex Gardens #
W.2 Queens Road Queensway
W.2 Ranelagh Road Lord Hills Road
W.2 Richmond Mews West Shrewsbury Mews
W.2 Richmond Mews, Richmond Road Saint Stephen's Mews
W.2 Richmond Road Chepstow Road
W.2 Sale Street Sale Place
W.2 Somers Place Somers Crescent
W.2 Southwick Crescent Hyde Park Crescent
W.2 Stanhope Street Stanhope Terrace
W.2 Stanhope Terrace (part) Bayswater Road #
W.2 Upper Westbourne Terrace Westbourne Terrace
W.2 Victoria Place Bridstow Place
W.2 Victoria Street Sovereign Street
W.2 Waverley Road Waverley Walk
W.2 Westbourne Terrace North. Bourne Terrace
W.3 Willoughby Road (Hammersmith part) Jedds Road #
W.6 Angel Road Angel Walk
W.6 Augustus Road Brackenbury Gardens
W.6 Avenue Road Sycamore Gardens
W.6 Broadway Hammersmith Broadway
W.6 Cambridge Road Cambridge Grove
W.6 Caroline Place Caroline Walk
W.6 Chapel Street School Street
W.6 Chester Terrace Rowan Terrace
W.6 Church Path Lillie Walk
W.6 Church Road Atwood Road
W.6 Dorville Road Dorville Crescent
W.6 Edwin Cottages Shortlands #
W.6 Elm Gardens Bute Gardens
W.6 Elm Grove Bute Gardens
W.6 Gibson Cottages Theresa Street
W.6 Grove, The Hammersmith Grove
W.6 Miles Street Theresa Road
W.6 Montagu Mews Shortlands Mews
W.6 Montague Street Shortlands #
W.6 Montpelier Road Worlidge Street #
W.6 Montpelier Row Worlidge Street #
W.6 New Street Hampshire Hog Lane #
W.6 Paradise Row Eden Row
W.6 Rose Cottages Shortlands #
W.6 Rutland Road Rutland Grove
W.6 Shaftsbury Road Ravenscourt Road
W.6 Shaftsbury Road E. Ravenscourt Place
W.6 South Street Riverside Gardens
W.6 The Grove Hammersmith Grove
W.6 Theresa Cottages Theresa Street
W.6 Theresa Mews Theresa Street
W.6 Union Court Foreman Court
W.6 Union Place Foreman Court
W.6 Vine Cottages Shortlands #
W.6 Warwick Place Warwick Cottages
W.6 Waterloo Street Macbeth Street
W.6 Wellington Road Wellington Walk
W.6 York Place Fulham Pal. Road #
W.8 Church Court Kensington Church Court
W.8 Church Street Kensington Church Street
W.8 Church Walk Kensington Church Walk
W.8 Clarence Mews Old Court Place
W.8 Durham Villas Phillimore Place
W.8 Edwardes Terrace Kensington High Street #
W.8 Ernest Street Farm Place
W.8 Iverna Gardens Iverna Court
W.8 Kensington Road (W. part) Kensington High Street #
W.8 King Street Derry Street
W.8 Merton Road Kelso Place
W.8 Phillimore Mews Phillimore Walk
W.8 Saint Albans Road (E. part) Victoria Grove #
W.8 Saint Albans Road (W. part) Saint Alban's Grove
W.8 Saint Albans Road North Andsell Terrace
W.8 Saint Mary Abbot's Terrace (part) Kensington High Street #
W.8 Warwick Gardens (part) Kensington High Street #
W.8 William Street Callcott Street
W.9 Carlton Mews Western Mews
W.9 Netley Street Abourne Street
W.9 Windsor Place Edensor Place
W.9 Windsor Street Edensor Gardens
W.10 Church Place Saint John's Terrace #
W.10 Manchester Mews Walmer Mews
W.10 Manchester Road Oldham Road
W.10 Oxford Mews Malton Mews
W.10 Park Street Latimer Place
W.10 Saint Lawrence Road Saint Lawrence Terrace
W.10 The Triangle Saint Quintin Gardens
W.10 Tottenham Street Kensal Place
W.10 Triangle, The Saint Quintin Gardens
W.10 Wharf Road Bard Road
W.10 Wilton Mews Wilton Yard
W.10 Wood Street Pring Street
W.11 Abbey Road Stoneleigh Place
W.11 Albert Mews Bulmer Mews
W.11 Albion Place Alba Place
W.11 Alfred Mews Ladbroke Mews
W.11 Archer Street Westbourne Grove #
W.11 Basing Road Basing Street
W.11 Bolton Mews Portobello Place
W.11 Bolton Road Portobello Street
W.11 Boundary Mews Powis Mews
W.11 Boundary Road Swanscombe Road
W.11 Brunswick Mews Westbourne Grove Mews
W.11 Buckingham Mews Portobello Road #
W.11 Buckingham Terrace Lonsdale Road #
W.11 Charles Street Queensdale Place
W.11 Clifton Street Poynter Street
W.11 Crescent Street Becher Place
W.11 Denbigh Mews Denbigh Close
W.11 Hanover Terrace Lansdowne Walk
W.11 High Street Notting Hill Notting Hill Gate
W.11 Montpelier Road Lansdowne Rise
W.11 Mortimer Road Mortimer Square
W.11 Norfolk Road Needham Road
W.11 Norland Road North Norland Road #
W.11 Norland Stables Norland Place
W.11 Phoenix Place Addison Place
W.11 Saint James's Place Penzance Street
W.11 Saint James's Terrace Darnley Terrace
W.11 Saunders Road Saunders Grove
W.11 Western Terrace Lonsdale Road #
W.12 Adelaide Road Adelaide Grove
W.12 Camden Gardens Shepherds Gardens
W.12 Clifton Road Clifton Avenue
W.12 Coleman's Buildings Askew Buildings
W.12 Landor Road Landor Walk
W.12 Ormiston Road Ormiston Grove
W.12 Providence Place Shepherds Bush Place
W.12 Station Road Starfield Road
W.12 Wells Mews Wells Road #
W.12 Wharf Road Coal Wharf Road
W.12 Woodstock Road Woodstock Grove
W.12 & 14 Richmond Road Richmond Way
W.14 Alexandra Road Milsom Road #
W.14 Barton Street Barton Road
W.14 Beaumont Road Beaumont Avenue
W.14 Havelock Road Irving Road
W.14 Shaftsbury Road Fenelon Place
W.14 William Street Earsby Street

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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