Are any of the Societyís officers paid for their work for the Society?


No, all are volunteers, who give their time without recompense.   Such payments to officers would actually be illegal under the terms of section 4 of the Societyís Bank Mandate.


Does the Society make a profit, and if so, what happens to it?


The Society has never yet made a profit, in fact, quite the reverse.   In the unlikely event of a profit being made in the future, it would be used firstly to pay off existing debts, after which any remainder would be spent on further research work or purchase of other appropriate items for the benefit of the membership as a whole.


Who are the Societyís Bankers?


The Society has a "Treasurer Account" (number 31589059) with the Midland Bank plc at High Street, Chelmsford, Essex. (Sort-code number 40-17-08).


Has the Society recently changed its Treasurer?


Yes.   The current Treasurer's details can be found in the list of committee members.


Does the Society accept payments made by credit card?


Not yet, but the possibility of introducing such a facility is currently under active consideration despite its high cost.


Are photographs, manuscripts and files borrowed by members fully insured?


No, not whilst on loan, due to the high cost of the premiums that would be required.   Members are therefore expected to take all reasonable care of such items and to make good any loss or damage sustained whilst in their possession.


Since I have inadvertently allowed my membership of the Society to lapse, does this mean that I will be required to pay the joining fee in order to re-new it?


Normally yes, but if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the membership secretary.


How much does it cost to make a telephone call to NEWSLINE?


We are sorry but NEWSLINE, the Society's recorded telephone information service, was discontinued some time ago due to lack of use in the computer age.   However, members might be interested to know that many of the original transcripts have survived and these are housed in the Newsline Archive, which is part of the "Miscellaneous Records" section on the website


Could you please give me some idea of which Internet Service Providers would give me the best value for money for family history research?


Iím afraid that this is a far from straightforward issue.   I suggest that you consult one of the reports published in the UK by "Which."


Does the Societyís Wills scheme entitle members to make a will at a reduced cost?

No, it is not actually a scheme as such, but is merely a suggestion, which was first mooted in the January 1997 edition of NEWSLINE, that members might like to consider mentioning the Society when making their own Wills.

The idea arose from the fact that in the past, the Society had occasionally been unaware of the death of members. In several instances, this had resulted in the sad loss of large amounts of RAYMENT photographs, certificates and other memorabilia, the deceased member having made no provision for their preservation.

It was made clear that any mention of the Society in the Will of a member need not be in financial terms but could simply consist of the bequest of some family history records, photographs, or birth, marriage and death certificates, all of which would be of immense value to the Society, whilst being of little or no value to anyone else.

Furthermore, it was pointed out that there would be other advantages to everyone, including future generations of family historians, since not only the existence of the Society and its records would then become readily apparent to future researchers of the Wills and Administrations, but the Society would also automatically become aware of the demise of any of its members.

For those members who have already drawn up their Wills, a printed Codicil form and notes are available from the Secretary.

Iíve been approached by a company offering to sell me a book, originally published by Burkeís Peerage at a price of £28, about the RAYMENT families worldwide.   They are also offering other Genealogical and Heraldic material for sale.   Do they have any connection with the Rayment Society?


No, none whatsoever.   They are a purely commercial organisation who have neither asked us for, or ever been given by us, the names and addresses of any of our members.


Is it worth buying the Burkeís Peerage RAYMENT book?


The Society is unwilling to proffer an opinion for legal reasons.   However, perhaps it might help in reaching a decision were it to be known that, for example, the latest Burkeís Peerage book lists a total of 21 Rayment Wills but gives almost no details of their contents.   By comparison, the Society has a list of more than three thousand five hundred Wills and Administrations, most of which have been fully transcribed and are available for members to consult free of charge.   It should also be pointed out that the Society has a copy of the Burkeís Peerage book available for loan to members.

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