What Records does the Society hold?
Over the years the Society has collected a massive amount of data, to which new information is being added on a daily basis.   Of primary importance are complete sets of records of all RAYMENT and variant entries that were held in the English and Welsh GRO indexes at the FRC (Family Records Centre in London) consisting of births, marriages, deaths, adoptions, military records (including baptisms from 1761) and overseas (including Consular) records, together with further such records that have never been made available on-line covering the period following the closure of the FRC until the current time.

Other important RAYMENT and variant surname records held include complete sets of Probate Calendar Book extracts, an index to PCC Wills and Administrations, photocopies and transcriptions of all known English and Welsh Wills and Administrations, IGI extracts, numerous census returns, parish register extracts, monumental inscriptions, burial records, newspaper cuttings, correspondence, electoral registers, world-wide telephone directory listings, Commonwealth War Graves Commission records, United States Social Security Death Index, many photographs, and a large number of birth, marriage and death certificates.

Are members able to obtain copies of the Societyís records?

Yes, in several ways.   A large number of records have now been scanned and are available on the Societyís web-sites.   Individual photocopies of the remaining records are available upon request.

How often are the Societyís records updated?
This very much depends on the type of records concerned.   For example, the UK GRO birth, marriage and death indexes are updated annually, whilst Wills and Administrations are updated monthly. Other records such as newspaper files, census returns, Electoral registers, MIís and parish register extracts are updated almost daily as far as computer records are concerned but, as far as printed records are concerned, may well only be re-printed when a significant number of amendments or additions have been made.
Does the Society have many records concerning names similar to RAYMENT?
Yes, a large amount of information is already on file regarding variants such as RAIMENT, RAYMEN, RAYMANT and RAYMONT together with RAYMOND, and it is intended to increase the amount for other variants such as RAIMOND, REJMENT and REYMENT as soon as the required resources become available.
Can any of the Rayment Societyís records be seen at the Society of Genealogists?

Yes, but only by Rayment Society members.

Does the Society have access to any unpublished records, or to any other records not available to the public?
Yes.   Please contact the Society if you have need of a specific record.
Are the Societyís research records copyright?
Yes but, with a few minor exceptions, members are more than welcome to make copies of any records for which the Society owns the copyright, provided that the copies are made entirely for the memberís own private research and not for financial gain.

However, please note that the Society holds some records that are the copyright of other organisations, and in these cases, it is the responsibility of the member to determine the legality of making copies.
What is the Societyís estimate of the number of living RAYMENTS worldwide?
The latest records show there to be in excess of 5000 worldwide, of whom some 3,400 live here in the UK!
Is there any reason why you have made little mention of Scottish and Irish records?
Although a member of the Society's committee visited Scotland a number of times to extract the RAYMENT and variant entries from the records available, including the I.G.I., Birth, Marriage and Death records, Probate records, Newspaper extracts and telephone directories, only a relatively small number of RAYMENT entries were found.   A visit to Eire was made during 1989, but this proved to be completely fruitless, since no records of any RAYMENTS were found.
Iíve been told that there was once a RAYMENT family bible in our family, but Iíve been unable to find out whether it still exists.   Can the Society help in any way?
Yes, we have a list of such bibles, which we will gladly search for any of our members.   At the request of the owners, we have refrained from publishing the list because there have already been two incidents of theft due to the high value of these items.
I have a number of old baptismal, birth, marriage and death certificates, together with photographs and letters, all of which refer to my RAYMENT ancestors and family.   Would the Society be interested in seeing any of them?
"Interested" is an understatement!   Please, please, contact the Secretary as soon as possible!
Does the Society hold a Wills beneficiary index of those RAYMENTS who are mentioned in other wills?
No, but we have access to one via the Guild of One-Name Studies.   Please contact the society for details.
Are any of the Society's records still available on microfiche?
No, I'm sorry but these have now all been computerised.
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