Welcome and thank you for visiting the homepage of genealogist and family historian Roy Rayment of London, England.

My interest in genealogy and family history was aroused more than sixty years ago and Iím now a member of a number of international organisations including the Guild of One-Name Studies (#1424), the Society of Genealogists (#18461) and the Rayment Society (#M001), together with a variety of British Genealogical and Family History Societies.

Iím currently involved in one-name studies of four of the surnames of my ancestors, namely
GOODERSON, HICKMORE, MOLEN and RAYMENT, each of which has been officially registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and has its own individual website. These websites have deliberately been designed to be as simple as possible to use, since my colleagues and I are preliminarily interested in genealogy and not in the computer technology involved. Consequently, anyone who is expecting ultra-slick websites with "bells, whistles" and other gimmicks will be sorely disappointed!

Please note that the RAYMENT One-Name Study is being carried out under the auspices of a not-for-profit organisation known as the Rayment Society and it includes all known variants of the name, the most common of which are RAIMENT, RAYMANT, RAYMEN, RAYMOND and RAYMONT. The Rayment Society operates a number of websites, some of which contain considerable amounts of personal data and are therefore restricted to use by members only.

Contact E-mail addresses will be found on each of the four main websites located at: , , and