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17th January 2018   08:57 - Access Failure

Our service provider moved the website to a new server at 08:17 this morning because the old server had become obsolete and was being decommissioned. Unfortunately the new server currently appears to be suffering from SHTML compatibility problems that are preventing almost all sections of the website from working and this is under investigation.

17th January 2018   11:26 - Update

Although the fault is officially still in hand, much of the website is now beginning to work normally.

17th January 2018   14:00 - Update

The fault has now been completely cleared.

27th March 2017   16:13 - Password Failures

The website was this afternoon moved to a new server but is now suffering from a problem affecting all of its password protected sections.   I.T. staff currently have this under urgent review.

27th March 2017   18:40 - Update

The problem is proving to be more serious than first thought and is not likely to rectified until sometime tomorrow at the earliest.

28th March 2017   11:44 - Update

The difficulties have now been resolved by returning the entire website to the server that it previously used, thus enabling service to return to normal whilst further investigations are carried out.

28th July 2016   11:13 - Distributed denial of service attack

As members may know, our servers suffered an outage yesterday affecting all services.   This was the result of a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack which is currently still under investigation.

28th July 2016   18:50 - Update

We suffered a repeat of yesterday's attack between 17:13 and 18:23.   However, the target of the attack has now been located and isolated, thus enabling all services to run normally from now on.

3rd January 2016   20:58 - Hardware failure

A hardware failure is currently affecting the webserver used to host the domain.   Engineers are working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly.

3rd January 2016   21:20 - Update

The fault has been cleared and the server is now running normally.

28th July 2010   21:39 - Page display problems

The Society is dealing with a fault that is preventing the display of all of the static pages hosted on the webserver in Canada.   This fault does not affect the search facilities, all of which are still working normally. We are currently doing all that we can to restore normal working but, due to circumstances beyond our control, the fault may well take a considerable time to clear.   A further announcement will be made as soon as possible.

29th July 2010   22:41 - Update

All of the Birth, Marriage and Death certificate pages have now been moved from the failed Canadian server to a working UK server and work has now started on moving the Census images.

30th July 2010   21:03 - Update

All of the British Census images have now been moved to a working UK server and plans are now being made to start moving the remaining records from the failed server.

31st July 2010   16:32 - Update

Thanks to Bill Rayment, the Canadian Server is now back up and access has been fully restored to all pages of the website.

14th March 2009   08:52 - Notice of temporary interuption to service

The storage system on the website hosting server is due to be upgraded this afternoon and the downtime is expected to be around 20 minutes. The hosting company is apologising in advance for this outage, but expects that the upgrade will make a noticeable difference to server performance.

14th March 2009   11:57 - Update

Server65 is being upgraded now and should be back up in 20 minutes or so.

14th March 2009   12:35 - Update

Server65 is now back up. The hosting company has apologized for the extra time involved, explaining that it was down for longer than expected due to a hitch in moving the data to the new drives.

14th July 2008   08:00 - Search Engine software improvements

All of the Society's search facilities will be liable to short periods of interuption throughout the whole of this week. This is due to scheduled software modifications required to enhance the way in which search results are presented.

20th July 2008   20:18 - Update

Work has now been completed and so there should be no further interuptions.

3rd Dec 2007   08:26 - Census image display problem

A problem with viewing some of the census page images has been reported and is currently under investigation.

4th Dec 2007   10:42 - Update

This problem was traced to a server in Canada and has now been resolved.

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