This website has been set up to collect and preserve photographs and other memorabilia of the past staff and pupils of Eastcourt Independent School at Goodmayes in the East of London, England during the period between the mid 1940s and the late 1950s.

If you can provide any additional photographs or the names of any of the unidentified pupils in the existing photographs, please contact (one of the school's old boys) on telephone number 01708 - 509027   (+44 1708 509027 from overseas).
  Photograph 1 –    Eastcourt Pupils
  Photograph 2 –    Eastcourt Pupils
  Photograph 3 –    Eastcourt Boys
  Photograph 4 –    Eastcourt Boys
  Photograph 5 –    Eastcourt Girls
  Photograph 6 –    Eastcourt Headmaster & Headmistress with senior Pupils
  Photograph 8 –    Eastcourt Pupils
  Photograph 11 –    Eastcourt Boys
  Photograph 12 –    Eastcourt Teacher with Pupils
  Photograph 13 –    Eastcourt Teacher and Girls
  Photograph 14 –    Eastcourt Teacher and Boys
  Photograph 15 –    Eastcourt Teacher and Girls
  Photograph 16 –    Eastcourt 1959 School Photograph
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Upon leaving Eastcourt, a number of pupils went on to one of the local grammar schools that was known as the Ilford County High School.