Please contact the Society's Helpdesk if you have knowledge of any of the following people:

  • Alan John Rayment, last heard of in the Bournemouth area of Dorset, England in 2006.

  • Ann Rayment, BBC make-up artist and designer between the years 1975 and 2002.

  • Cail Rayment, 'Wildboys' basketball team co-founder, last heard of oyster farming in South Africa during 2013.

  • Colin Rayment, electronic music composer, last heard of in London, England in 2004.

  • J. Rayment, who ran in the 1984 London Marathon.

  • Leigh Rayment, last heard of in Prospect Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, in 1999.

  • Lisa Rayment, born at Dublin in Ireland during the year 1972.

  • Mark Stephen Rayment, last heard of in North Yorkshire, England in 2004.   TRACED

  • Muriel Rayment, last heard of at the Transport and General Workers Union in England during the 1950s.   TRACED

  • Nicky (Nicola) Rayment, author of the book "Dream Translations A-Z Guide" published in 2013.

  • Rachael Rayment, last heard of whilst living in Moscow, Russia in late 2005.

  • Samantha Rayment, South-West England Trains Information Manager in 2015.

  • Shane Rayment, last heard of at Jundah, Queensland, Australia in May 2008.   TRACED

  • Steven Rayment, born at Meriden, Warwickshire, England in 1967.

Information regarding any of the above, now matter how little, will be gratefully received!
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