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Only the first part of the desired result need be supplied in any search.   Thus, typing 'Jo' as a forename search will match all the entries for Job, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Josiah, and so forth.

Wildcard matching using ? (matching a single character) and * (multiple characters) is permitted.   However, at least one of the fields marked with a dagger (†) must contain two or more alphanumeric characters to perform a valid search (four or more digits in the case of a telephone number).   The vertical bar symbol, |, may be used to indicate alternatives in any field, for example Goodmayes|Seven Kings, to search for records that match against Goodmayes or Seven Kings.

Please note that all records less than fifty years old are password protected.   For further details please contact on telephone number 01708-509027 (UK) or 0044 1708 509027 (overseas).

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