E1-16 EC1-4 N1-19 NW1-8 SE1-27 SW1-27 W1-14 WC1-2
E.C.1 Albemarle Street Albemarle Way
E.C.1 Allen Street Dallington Street
E.C.1 Arlington Street Arlington Way
E.C.1 Ball Court Alders Court
E.C.1 Bath Court Baynes Court
E.C.1 Bell Court Brooke's Court #
E.C.1 Bell Yard Edison Square
E.C.1 Berkley Street Briset Street
E.C.1 Brewer Street Paget Street
E.C.1 Brewer Street North. Friend Street
E.C.1 Bull Court Memel Court
E.C.1 Buxton Street Hermit Street
E.C.1 Castle Street Saffron Street
E.C.1 Charles Street Greville Street
E.C.1 Charles Street Greville Street #
E.C.1 Church Row Saint Lukes Row
E.C.1 Clarence Street Exchange Street
E.C.1 Clark Street Pardon Street
E.C.1 Cross Street Saint Cross Street
E.C.1 Crown Court Charterhouse Street #
E.C.1 Douglas Place Pickburn Place
E.C.1 Elizabeth Place Whitecross Street #
E.C.1 Feathers Court Fox Court #
E.C.1 Gloucester Street Gloucester Way
E.C.1 Great Bath Street Topham Street
E.C.1 Great Saffron Hill Saffron Hill
E.C.1 Henry Street Steadman Street
E.C.1 Langton Avenue Langton Gate
E.C.1 Langton Street Langton Gate
E.C.1 Leicester Place Herbal Place
E.C.1 Little Baltic Street Baltic Passage
E.C.1 Little Bath Street Eyre Saint Hill #
E.C.1 Little Grays Inn Lane Mount Pleasant
E.C.1 Little Gray's Inn Lane Mt. Pleasant #
E.C.1 Little Northampton Street Little Street
E.C.1 Little Saffron Hill Herbal Hill
E.C.1 Little Sutton Street Northburgh Street
E.C.1 Lower Ashby Street Wyclif Street
E.C.1 Lower Charles Street Walmsley Street
E.C.1 Martha's Buildings Old Street #
E.C.1 Middle Row Crescent Row
E.C.1 Mitre Court, Hatton Gdn. Ely Court
E.C.1 Mitre Court, Saint John Street Crozier Court
E.C.1 Mulberry Place Berry Place
E.C.1 Nelson Street Mora Street
E.C.1 New Street Caslon Street
E.C.1 Norway Street Timber Street
E.C.1 Playhouse Yard Fortune Street
E.C.1 Red Lion Passage Lion Passage
E.C.1 Red Lion Street Britton Street
E.C.1 Red Lion Yard Leo Yard
E.C.1 Red Lion Yard Warner Yard
E.C.1 Richards Place Old Street #
E.C.1 Richmond Street Shene Street
E.C.1 Rose Court Rose Passage
E.C.1 Rosoman Street (N. part) Amwell Street #
E.C.1 Rutland Court Glasshouse Yard #
E.C.1 Sadler's Buildings Fann Street #
E.C.1 Saint Cross Street Cross Street
E.C.1 Saint James's Walk (part) Sekforde Street #
E.C.1 Seymour Place Seymour Close
E.C.1 Sidney Place Philip Place
E.C.1 Sidney Street Wakley Street
E.C.1 Smith Street Tompion Street
E.C.1 Union Place Glasshouse Yard
E.C.1 Upper Ashby Street Ashby Street
E.C.1 Upper Chadwell Street Inglebert Street
E.C.1 Upper Charles Street Sebastian Street
E.C.1 Upper Smith Street Earlstoke Street
E.C.1 Upper Yardley Street Yardley Street
E.C.1 White Hart Yard Hart Yard
E.C.1 York Place Central Place
E.C.2 Bartletts Buildings Bartletts Place
E.C.2 Castle Place Epworth Place
E.C.2 Castle Street Epworth Street
E.C.2 Charlotte Street Charlotte Road
E.C.2 Cross Street Lackington Street
E.C.2 Crown Court Milton Court
E.C.2 Crown Court Milton Street Milton Court
E.C.2 Hill Street Bonhill Street
E.C.2 Little Leonard Street Blackall Street
E.C.2 Market Street Snowden Street
E.C.2 Mary Ann Place Goddard Place
E.C.2 Motley Street Christiana Street
E.C.2 Paradise Place Clere Place
E.C.2 Paradise Street Clere Street
E.C.2 Queen's Square Finsbury Avenue #
E.C.2 Saint James's Place Saint James's Approach
E.C.2 South Street Dominion Street
E.C.2 South Street Dominion Street
E.C.2 Union Place Curtain Place
E.C.2 Whitfield Street Kiffen Street
E.C.2 Wright's Buildings Rivington Buildings
E.C.3 Great Tower Hill Tower Hill
E.C.4 Water Street Watergate
E.C.4 William Street Watergate

N.B: The symbol # has been used to indicate an existing street which has been amalgamated with the old street, after which use of the old street name has been discontinued.

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